0pening Night

"None of us are truly realising the tremendous power of the moment. The power of this moment is the same power that manifests moves and lives and returns the universe." 

"In each moment you are imprinting into levels of the body-mind your belief system. "

"Uncertainty gives you all that You Are in the Deep. Right there on the edge of identity, past is undone and the Deep is made into form." 



Uncertainty Takes You On The Edge Of Your Identity

The program in the Psyche, when uncertainty turns up, is to reach into the past and make the moment certain from past perspectives.

Awareness, that is you and I, Awareness that is building and evolving humanness, then is integrating past into the profound opportunity for what is truly present. And then one builds the need to continue in comfort. 

Uncertainty brings opportunity because that uncertainty is not going to build the moment from the past. Uncertainty takes you on the edge of your identity. You can move beyond your believed identity, that means uncertainty moves your awareness into the Deep, the unknown, the uncreated - what You truly really Are. Uncertainty gives you all that You Are in the Deep. Right there on the edge of identity, past is undone and the Deep is made into form. 


A Precious Singular Moment Of Uncertainty

In a moment of uncertainty, uncertainty for you can become a precious singular moment. It is where you choose to be fully awake and conscious - on the very cutting edge of your identity, no longer 'definitely someone' from a believed certainty that the past has supplied you. Thoughts feelings experiences charges with positive and negative into your body mind. The moment you move as Awareness all those levels move as you and each level speaks through you, sees ad hears through you and better: sees FOR you, hears for you speaks for you walks and talks for you.You are not being You, you are being your past. But What You Are moves at such tremendous speed, you believe it is you. Uncertainty ends that and puts the power back into You as a Being. 


The Deep Begins To Live

The very power that moves and manifests the universe - the stars the planets, the living of all these beings is moved and manifests in a singular moment called Now.

That is the same power Awareness uses to identify its familiar sense of self. You are holding it all together. When you see  that the next moment is uncertain, that means you are on the cutting edge of your identity. 

It is in moments when Awareness is clearly uncertain that this moment becomes free of any past recurrence. The power that moves and manifests the universe then moves and manifests the depth, which Awareness is now entering. The Deep begins to live.


The Body-Mind Is An Amazing Instrument

The body-mind is an amazing instrument; it has many layers and levels. We take for granted what a body is. Really we don't know ourselves deep enough to realise the super-sensitivity of each level of our body and that it absorbs what Awareness is believing in.


 It imprints it in each level of the body, mind, emotion, nervous system, the cells of the body, even the brain.  And all those imprints, all those programs they move the moment Awareness moves. You are moving now. Just by listening you are a movement of Awareness and the moment Awareness moves light happens, the body-mind is manifesting. In each moment you are imprinting into levels of the body-mind your belief system. 




Day 1

"There is not a single movement that this body can make that is not a movement of the Deep. Discover in your own experience."

"You are the profound light of Love or Awareness. You are the Now. "

"It is the 'unfamiliar' that is your Love, not the familiar, The unfamiliar bring you alive and awake. That is where you are really safe, where you are uncontained. The familiar is not safe. It dies, it passes away. The unfamiliar does not pass away. Two that make their Love not from the familiar but the unfamiliar, those two will not pass away. All those that live in an unfamiliar subtle way of Being will not pass away."

"Death is simply the passing away of Awareness identifying with an object."

"All that can die is the false, not You, You are the Real."

"Anything that you give attention to and then identification becomes real, even though it is false, because You are the light of Reality. You are the Reality behind all experience. 

"All objective experience is a projection only. You are the Real, free of projection. When you cease projecting you are the profound Reality that truly is. “

" Your familiar sense of self WILL be shifted by what you are awakening to." 

"Ultimately discover that YOU are manifesting ALL your experience. It is all in manifestation because of What You truly Are." 

"You are free as Love by not objectifying experience. Then all objects are made of that Love."

"When another’s dilemma is the human dilemma and that field of experience is embraced as one field of greater Knowing, we give up protecting this notion of separateness. Then you have no need to struggle. "

"Awakening is giving up the fight of opposites. It is all made of the Light.

"What you are is an oceanic river of life. That is what you are, not a person. You are more than a miracle. "

"The New Life is not distant, it is Now." 

"Fear is made through self-image and comparison. When there's no self-image or comparison you're not going to find fear."

"We are profound manifestors, mistakenly identified with the idea of being 'someone'. "

"No-one is supplying the answer - everyone IS the answer."

"Everything that you are giving so much value to is false. It all passes away. It's YOU that doesn't pass away. You are Reality, not all the images you've coated yourself in." 

"You are the immediacy of the experience of Awareness. In going deeper into What You Are you will be knowing and transforming your self."

"When a level of self comes visiting, see that it is just a visitor. It can just pass through."

"The deeper you allow your awareness to dive into deeper dimensions, unseen by your physical eyes, but known by You as the light of Awareness, those deeper dimensions flow and manifest a constant new embodiment." 

"In real recognition there is openness and within openness the field is resolved quite naturally. What we may call weeds or old crops or old thought-patterns, when simply noticed, dissolve. All resolves in openness. "


Tending To The Field


Humans have no idea that they create a field because our tendency is to really believe that we are human. But we're Being first, then human. BEING human.

You may or may not have looked at life like this. Have you noticed the field around a newborn baby? Even the parents become new! They have this tender tendency to have a great deal of care. The whole house begins to be full of care and that house begins to vibrate in a new field and this vibratory field is no different to the field 'out there' with grass growing in it. 

What you plant in a manifest field will grow. So you might have a crop in a field - say you put some barley into a field and unless you really cleared that field, last year's crop will come through. A very old crop from ten years will still be struggling to come through and the ground, which you call a field, may not even be good enough to grow anything. 

Our tendency is to keep our Awareness and our light of knowing in an old field of experience . So we point our Awareness into the familiar and that old field has many different old crops in it and all manner of weeds. The field is very mixed. 

Maybe the ground is struggling to keep the whole field growing ..But notice, when you see a newborn or a very young child that everyone around that child will spend their time cleaning up the field, on many different levels, not just dirty diapers! It is their old manner, their old behaviours they pick up.  There is a level of cleansing and renewal taking taking place.

You can go so much deeper than that and I know that this is why we are together. We are together to discover the potential of this field and to discover we are in a much, much profoundly bigger field and that field has been prepared.

I am pointing you to the greater possibility that we have in this field. It is not so much pulling out the old crop, pulling out the old weeds. It is not so much about the labour of doing that. It is much more simple. It is recognition. Simply recognising. In real recognition there is openness and within openness the field is resolved quite naturally. What we may call weeds or old crops, when simply noticed, dissolve. All resolves in openness. 

When Awareness has a preference of a crop that was planted many years ago then the experience is mixed - there is clearly the longing for the new but Awareness isn't discerning the new from the old. 

Are you ready ? Because you haven't seen my plough as yet and there is nothing like my combined harvester! It is combined with Love and tenderness and goodness and clarity and Meaning, even though to the mind it will seem to have sharp hooks and blades but to the heart it is like being caressed by a warm breeze. 

Now the field has changed. Can you see it? Instead of sitting in our old rooted positions, like an old carrot over here, an old potato over there and a piece of celery over there, something has changed. When the field changes, the experience shines the new.  


Going Deeper

When Awareness begins to awaken, then what is awakening is the Unknown, the Deep. Awareness is awakening to deeper Knowing than experience. I call that the Calling. I also say that this is the possibility to Love knowing, moving manifesting the Deep. 

Even as we speak now, as Awareness, for we are Awareness, we know this is a room by the light of our Knowing. Knowing, on the surface, objectifies Knowing. We know we are in a very large white room with an x-amount of people. That is an objectified knowing, Knowing is form. 

If we are going just a little bit deeper, but it is shallow, we can know from the subconscious, still objectified for it divides everything and everyone into a like and dislike. If we go just a little bit deeper than that and if we are prepared to dive deep into the Unknown, there is pure Knowing and it has no objects on a manifest level. It is pure Knowing pure Being. Awareness can get wonderfully lost in this depth of its own Knowing. When Awareness is lost in the Deep, it then finds what It Is, not an object but the Power in which all this shines, moves and has Meaning.

Going deeper, Knowing is not objectified and Awareness knows it knows more than surface experience. Awareness, you have just transcended your separate sense of self and the field now is prepared on the surface.  And in its preparation the subconscious comes up to the surface. When we really begin to awaken, objectified experience begins to crumble and the consciousness that has been functioning and operating only on the surface will think it is dying. So the consciousness on the surface begins to trade places with the sub-consciousness that is moving everything secretly. 

You have all been touched by more than your fair share of the sub-conscious. So your surface consciousness comes down into the sub-consciousness. Not only do you not like going into your subconscious but your subconscious doesn't like you coming into it! So there is a kind of an agreement that happens. Your surface consciousness comes down into your subconsciousness - You-Awareness become conscious of your subconscious level and your subconsciousness comes up to the surface and there it feels incredibly vulnerable, naked and has nowhere to hide. This is the beginnings of the pure tree of Life. Suddenly when those two are trading place , Awareness, which is the one listening to these words now, and Knowing , the light of Awareness, is awakening to its profound mystery. You will be experiencing this exchange. THAT is self transformation. 

Whilst Awareness will not remain awake in this switchover, you will be feeling a lot of pain and difficulty but when Awareness stays open to all of what is really here, its light begins to shine. Now there is no need to keep the surface and the sub-conscious apart. Your secret pains are now known. Your distractions are known. Your hopes, desires, dreams, nightmares and failures, they are all out in the open. There is a completely new power in this. This is the power of Love and the field is now ripe for what is more deeply seen and known. Suddenly positive and negative, the good and bad, the 'he said, she said' has no Meaning anymore. In this openness is living possibility and one is alive with no judgment anywhere whatsoever. A New Life is moving .   


I Hand You That that is Beyond

There is not a single movement that this body can make that is not a movement of the Deep. Discover in your own experience. My hand will move and it's not a hand. It's a movement where I can hand you that that is beyond the hand. My hand will move and I will hold your hand and I will bring you into where hands and bodies and minds and people all disappear. Watch your own movement. It is very much  the same but mostly the field of your experience is objectified and it has a wonderful sign above it that says: " What about me?!" 


You Cannot Mix What Is Deeper With What Is Familiar


The deeply true costs us our sub-conscious comfort zones. Be truly deeply seeded in deeper Seeing and Knowing. In allowing the subconscious to be seen and to come home, we truly allow awakening. We cannot mix what is deeper with what is familiar. That is a distortion but more than that it is human suffering . We have to un-mix and keep the field growing in what, we are awakening to as Awareness. This starts to change our experience of the body, the self, the person , the mind, the heart. It all begins to be changed because now it is being transfigured, transformed and a deeper awakening in the Unseen is moving up. Not in the distance but in the immediate Now. A whole new way is growing. It is not growing in time. It is growing in 'me', this one I AM. Now there is constant revelation. 


A Field Of Flowering Humans

What I speak of and share isn't just Self-realisation. To me this is only half the deal, realising the Beyond and that's it. I am pointing to the integration of what is realised and then a living movement of what is realised, all the way up and out onto the surface and how this can move between two, three ..many. If there is enough Freedom in one consciousness, this movement will be within a whole field of flowering humans.


Sexuality Moved By Your Being

Sexuality isn't actually a 'root chakra thing' . It is a 'heart chakra thing'. Energy or sexuality moves cleanly by Being. Whilst one thinks one is a self, energy or sexuality will move for your self. Most people are making a problem of this, because they don't understand what is taking place. When you move by Knowing, that is the light of your being and then sexuality or pure energy forms the movement of Pure Being. In the body that moves and manifests in one movement but in many different spheres. 

When sexuality, moved by your being,  enters the mind by way of the heart, then your mind will open up to the entire cosmos and your mind will be filled with true light and form. You know, when you see the many little spirals on Buddha's head in statues ? I wonder if Buddha ever mentioned that that is the Feminine Principle spiralling out of his Heart-Mind.


The Unfamiliar Is Your Love, Not The Familiar

See, that we are sitting in an unfamiliar field. Your old way is going to get a little dizzy here. It will be stretching your familiar old way of understanding and interpreting, because this is a subtle transmission. It is not familiar. 

It is the unfamiliar that is your Love, not the familiar, The unfamiliar bring you alive and awake. That is where you are really safe, where you are uncontained. The familiar is not safe. It dies, it passes away. The Unfamiliar does not pass away. Two that make their Love not from the familiar but the unfamiliar, those two  will not pass away. All those that live in an unfamiliar subtle way of Being will not pass away.


No Boundaries In The Deep - You Are Singular Freedom

In a deeper dimension you know each other without any boundaries, because there is no need for boundaries. You are perfectly real and good with ALL that You Are. Nothing needs to be hidden. You are singular Freedom. You are the movement of Love and Light itself. You move uniquely. There is nothing in the Deep that separates you from other beings. You are completely unique and in that uniqueness you can pass through others. 

Here, on this surface level in this moment of evolution, if you don't live 'the normal' you are strange. If you are just a little bit different, you are an outcast but this dimension belongs to the radiance of your original nature and to live fully what you KNOW is for you to be fully What You Are. 

This level, until the field is enlightened, judges everything.  On the deeper levels nothing is judged because you are here to live a unique life, you are not supposed to 'tow the line', to live the familiar. You are invited to live the Unfamiliar as you become aware of your Real Self. On this level the awakening to your real Self, Awareness, is an evolutionary movement. Some beings are slightly more evolved than apparent others but that doesn't make anyone any different or more or less. All beings are infinite. How your infinity expresses in this finite moment is evolutionary. You are a unique expression of the One. 


Fearlessly Alive

Wherever I go, I push the edge. Do you? If you do, you become fearlessly alive. You then will not die. Whilst you are holding on to belief-systems and needing familiar comfort zones, you will die. You will go through the death process. Living the awakening you will not go through the death process.  You are making two One. 


Stay On The Edge

Uncertainty takes you on the edge of your self-identity.  It is at that edge of your self-identity, as Awareness knowing deeply, that you are able to transform yourself. Only on the edge. You have to stay on it, stay on the edge...



Total Response to Knowing

As you give Knowing total response, your sub-conscious habit of being a particular comfort zone is given up. Then the power that each and everyone of us has, which is actually the power of Love or cosmic Power, streams new life force into the body-mind. You will no longer be living from imagination, want or need you will be living a divine Life, the total response to what you deeply know. Then all this is a manifest form of your original Light. 



Beyond The Death Process

Q: When the subconscious rises to surface levels it can really feel like a death process... Can you speak of this?

B: That is because it IS the death processDeath is simply the passing away of Awareness identifying with an object. I can guarantee you, when you are dead you still are aware but now your Awareness is free of objective form. You discover that you can move at an incredible speed, free of objective experience. You are moving without the need to move from past. You realise you are free of moving as a sense of self. You go:" Oh my God , I was moving as through I was some body..now I can move as Being!" 

So you ARE going through a death process but all that can die is the false, not You. You are the Real.

When we say 'Real', Real comes from Reality - even your separate sensed experiences of: "I am hurting. You are terrible. What are you doing to me?" All that is only real because You are the light of Reality. Everything is real, positive or negative, because YOU are the Real.  Anything that you give attention to and then identification, becomes real even though it is false. Because You are the light of Reality. You are the Reality behind all experience. 

Eventually you tire of making the false real. But you will have another good go at making it real. You can make it real for a little while because You are Real but ALL objective experience is a projection only. You are The Real free of projection. When you cease projecting You are the profound Reality that truly is. “

You are dying to the objects of experience, such as your body, your mind, your sense of self and person. They are objects within your own awareness. They build around you. To become like a child you need to have pure innocent form which doesn't move as past experience but as present Awareness. 

As Awareness, everything that you have in your Awareness, such as a body, a sense of self and person and even the world, it registers in you. You are like a beacon of light passing through all those forms. 

And one movement within any level of your body-mind registers. In any moment you can have a thought register, a feeling register and as Awareness, you can see in the registration of thought or feeling :"What quality is it? Is it a clear thought or does it contain past?"  You realise in the registration of that feeling whether it is a pure feeling or a feeling of attachment. As Awareness, you are registering the evolution of every level of the body-mind and its development and whether the evolution matches what You First Are. Otherwise you are going to have to identify with each of those levels as if they were 'you'. You will be lost in self concern. 

"Amazing grace - I was once blind and now I see."  See this, it is happening!  You are unblinding yourself. You will see and know yourself like you never did before. If you don’t judge yourself you experience the death of the old pattern. Right there your pure Being will fill that level up with Love. 

Everything is being registered but YOU are free of registration. THIS is knowing yourself. 

If there is pain, guilt shame or whatever it is, all that you are really registering is a wave of Pure You, having experience. It doesn't matter that that wave seems to move in positive and negative. 

It matters that that IS a wave of YOU. It lived! It is your mind that projects it as positive and negative . When you fully let a positive or negative LIVE, only then will you be free of polarity. 


Come Directly To The Heart

If you make death a process, you need to move by processing. You can just come directly to the heart. Then the relating to 'process' will look entirely different. Processing is the shifting and reshaping of the forms of the light of Knowing. That is what is at play in the universe. Seeing and Knowing is not related to time and space. It is related to the Deep, the place-less place you as Awareness resolve into in deep dreamless sleep. It is profoundly Real.

Relate FIRST to the deeper Seeing and Knowing. Come up through the heart and relate the deeper Seeing and Knowing to the actuality of the surface. That is the growing of a new seed cracking the surface.


Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 6.16.34 PM.png

Fully Awake, Whilst Your Old House Falls Into Ruins

What it looks like to stay awake in a death process? Let me describe it like this:

 Whilst your old house falls into ruins, you are able to continue as if nothing ever happened in the light of the movement of the awakening. You don't need to dodge the roof as it collapses through your head. You don't need to let it miss you.

As your old house collapses it passes through you - it does not touch you. If it touches you, you must feel the touch totally but then not move from how it touched you. Until the whole universe can collapse and you still walk amongst its ruins. The truth is we love the ruination. We can actually be fully awake in the collapse of the old house. It brings a fire of Love and an ability to move as if we only exist right Here and Now, because we do! 

A hand that used to ache with the pain of the past is then able to pass on living Knowledge, living Love. Suddenly we have these abilities of our deeper awakened-ness. That is tested without there being a test, in the old house collapsing in ruins. Don't bother picking up the old bricks. No, put the new house together from an entirely different place. It really doesn't matter that others see you as if you existed in the past. You exist Now and you CAN dance how you dance NOW. In fact that is the true meaning of having life - like a river flowing from an endless ocean. Unidentified with past or space or time. 

If the house that collapses touches you, then there are still more doors to collapse. Perhaps the floor hasn't caved in as yet. The floor is your sexuality, which is pure energy. If your energy still belongs to an old movement you are still standing on your past. 

Ultimately discover that YOU are manifesting ALL your experience. Ultimately! It is all in manifestation because of what You truly Are.  If anything can touch you you are still objectifying experience and not bringing it back to Knowing. You are free as Love by not objectifying experience. Then all objects are made of that Love.


No Need To Understand

The wonderful thing with this life, when you become sensitive enough, is that there is no need to understand anything or anybody. There is just Being, sensitive and open to the truth that the body is a transmission of Source.


Resistance is Attention to Self Image

Give attention to a self-image and you have resistance. Because the image is made out of resistance. But the movement of life and its forms is not, it is a river of light. Within the flow of that river there is no image and no resistance. An image is a snapshot of the experience of Now. And once you make a snapshot of Now, you are able to look back through the snapshot as if all those images are you. But YOU have already moved on.

What is that image, and what is that resistance? Quite simple - comparison! You are comparing 'what was' to 'what is'. That is resistance and the building of a mask, an image. You are teaching your mind to compare every moment with past experience. But your mind wasn't built for images. It is built to stay wide open and, through it and your heart, manifest the light of your Being.  These images are all that you are called to dissolve by being true Now.

The moment you move, you Awareness, whilst you have form, the entire energy that manifests the universe moves with you. And you infuse the image with energy making it real. You make the self-image believable. Just add a few images to that and you are streaming images but your light is passing through them all.

It is clear where the power is, your power of creativity, which is your pure sexuality is maintaining a self-image. You are re-creating your self-image. That is the resistance you feel when you begin to awaken. Giving that power back to your heart dissolves the self-image. But you will feel and you will know the experience of resistance within your own self-image and the only way that image will dissolve, without wanting or needing, is through You, as Awareness, being true to Pure Knowing. Knowing is the light of your Self. In being true to Knowing you realise your Self. All images are dissolved in being true to Knowing.  Try it and see.



More Than A Miracle

What You Are is an oceanic river of life. That is what you are, not a person. You are more than a miracle.  Your self-image is using up the energy and building more images of a separate sense of self. Remove the image and clearly, the ocean will move the river, and the river will move the life. And when the ocean moves the river and the river moves the life, there is a figure eight - Infinite Flow - of Being and Forming. Then the Self is the constant realisation and life is its constant loving movement. It is one tremendous flow of openness and tenderness. Remove the image, you will feel a resurgence of New Life. Let the images dissolve.

Sleeping Beauty Awakening

How about if there IS just beauty, wonder, mystery in everyone you could possibly ever meet? You could be a sleeping beauty, waiting for a kiss - a kiss of being true - from YOU. That would be awakening.


New Life is Now

What is it that is just beyond these images? Well, these images must be living through light. What if that light could move through those images and not belong to them?

Notice how in this moment you, like I, have registered a deeper connection. You may have registered a deeper connection in the Unseen and a deep connection within the body. The ground is prepared for the New Life, which is not distant - it is Now. All your images, you can just let them go. It is going to live as if you never existed before this moment.

This is the Truth, it has got an entirely different life, You, who is Awareness, you won't need to have a physical death to live an entirely New Life.


Image And Comparison Create Fear

Image and comparison create fear and that will get locked in space and time. The moment that gets locked in space and time and locked into your body-mind, you distance you from You being the Source of All That Is. Then God is something in the distance and so is the Good. But good God, you are that Good.


You Are The Immensity     
from a conversation

This idea that you are somebody who can't handle anything is an illusion and a self image.

How did you get here in the body? This will have your mind working something out on a biological level but biology is a metaphysical movement and the Metaphysical is a movement of light and the movement of light is a movement of Truth. The Metaphysical is the movement of the Beyond. 

That moves and in an instant 'All This' appears. Truly, the biological body is a metaphysical movement. The Transcendental is moving all this, biologically, metaphysically and manifest. We could meet there right now and if we keep going deeper we will be the same One, realising what It is. All is made of the light of Awareness moving. 

The moment you believe you are someone doing this, then you are just in the surface, identified with the biology. And your surface pain will be mental and emotional to do with something in space and time. But if you are a little deeper, the surface pain is a movement of the Profound.  The mind turns it into pain but it is the movement and change within the metaphysical, biological coming up to the surface. We are profound manifestors, mistakenly identified with the idea of being someone. 

From the smallest Knowing the cosmos manifests. Getting mixed up with the belief you are 'someone' makes you feel helpless amongst so much immensity. But you are the immensity and not helpless. Simply put, you don't need to fix anything but you do need to let it fall apart. When it all falls apart You remain and then it all reforms in the light of your own awareness. 


Peel Back The Covers! 

We can either be lazy and keep all our nice images tucked up in bed or we can wake up whilst still in bed, peel back the covers and BE living, moving Awareness. That means everything that you are giving so much value to is false. It all passes away. It is YOU that doesn't pass away. You are Reality, not all the images you have coated yourself in. 


Be Here Now

It seems impossible for you to move without image. But you do already, most definitely in deeper realms. Be Here Now. Now is infinite. Infinite means there is no limitation to what is Here Now. I Am Here Now.

In allowing that in, you fall endlessly into the Deep. No need to hang on to the last word or the last image. It is what you love. You don't love hanging on. You love letting loose. Falling in. You're fed up with hanging on.


Looking Beyond The Prism Of The Mind


Either Awareness is looking through the prism of the mind, which will create an image on the glass of experience, the lense of experience, or you are not looking through the prism of the mind. You are knowing Knowing direct, you have not shrunk Reality - You are It.

That will shatter the glass of your self-image. Then you have no need of any more glass, no need of any image. You won't shrink anymore in the openness of what truly is. You are no longer deluding what You Are. You will stand free. Standing free is Now. 

Looking through the mind you think your experience was of the past, but all experience is in the Now. And the Now doesn't need any glass to paint, it doesn't view through a lense of image. Without the lense of an image, Awareness, you are knowing, seeing, realising the Deep!

Nothing that is Real can break. Look through the mind and you will create a past. And then you will create a story of the past.  You are painting on the lense of perception and you are painting someone who is perceiving, someone who is experiencing in space and time. 

But the experience is 'I Am Now'. As Now, you grow in greater depths of perception, and your Seeing and Knowing belongs to the Deep. Having a body is the manifestation of that Love. It is deep Love. Simply stop looking through the lense of the crystallisation of your mind. I am endeavouring to point you towards not building the need of a future to get this. Be so open, that you are sinking into the greater depth of knowing your self.  Then there is nothing that can ever take place or move that is not Love moving.


Moving Without A Centre 

Can you see, know and move without a centre? That is Openness. 

First, you come back to a centre called 'I'. Before that, you have a centre called 'I Am', and before that you have a centre called 'I am someone'. In Awake-ness you step back to 'I'. Then the perception is through a centre called 'I' but that centre still has a deeper invitation within it and that is to lose your centre. You move to this in deep dreamless sleep. This is when you are fully open and not self-centered. If you look at this deeply even your 'I' will disappear. Then you are like when you were a child, no sense of 'I', yet so sweet and tender and open. That is your original nature. You can be so open that what pours out is the light of Awareness and the light of Awareness can receive all the images and forms on their return. That is the movement of infinite Knowing Aware. 

I Am Not Saying "Let Go" – I Say "Remain Open"

I am not going to tell you to let go. It is impossible to let go. There is no one there to let go. But What You Are can remain open amongst everything that moves. You stay open.  Your old way is returning into the Openness.

Instead of just continuing an image going around in a circle, the Consciousness, which is Life, the energy that you made an image of returns. You are the door to the Deep and the door to the Forming. You will experience that within your body.


The Enjoyment Of Just Walking

Can you move without any reference? Is that your deepest desire?  Yes? When you make this your movement in life, you have undone the usual you. Now you are entering Pure You. As you enter Pure You, that is the transformation of your self. Now you are growing your ability to be the living tree of Newness, where your branches go up into the sky and your roots down into the earth.

When you get really clear that this is the direction you want to go in, you will go slowly in it, you will be acutely aware of the breath and the reading of the deeper spheres and the reading of the direct Knowing. You will come alive in it.

You will enjoy being a child once again. It will be as if you are learning to walk without any support. You will be walking the New. Because when you were a child you didn't use your self to walk. You didn't use the person to walk. Your enjoyment was just ’walking’.

Now you are moving this fresh, new, innocent aliveness. When you live that Now, you are living the New Life.


Those That Are Ready To Truly Die Truly Live       (The Form Reality Practice) 

Those that are ready to truly live, are those that are ready to truly die. Those that are ready to truly die, truly live. Make your choice clear. See the enjoyment of that knowledge. That is you being lived as Being.

As we move in just a taste of The Form this is exactly what we are looking at. The Form is not something that you practice in the past. The Form is what you live now. It is not something you practiced last week or last year. It is you being so awake in your innermost, all the way out to the form of your self, that when you move, you are not moving through a sense of self, you are moving direct as a being. Then your movement is not a concern of how you move as a body, as a self, your movement is how you move as Being. No self-referencing.

When you practice The Form with no self-referencing you are free of all the objects, even though there is a person sitting on the chair. You are not objectifying the other. The other is in the dance of Being. That is the transmission, and that is the deeper unfolding.



The Whole Of Nature Is Manifesting In You     (The Form Reality Practice) 
If you truly observe during the day, when you go to sleep or in the morning in your awareness, you will watch the body being built Now. You will also see that the whole of nature is manifesting in You in the Now. You will watch forms just coming from nothing to light, to form. While you are still so preoccupied with your sense of self you miss the pure perception that embodiment is Now. 


Movement Is Formless  - (The Form Reality Practice) 

Within the movements of The Form, you discover that movement is formless and then converted into form. That conversion of the Formless makes known to you an embodiment of what is deeper than form.

This unlocks the idea that you are someone in particular. It opens to the spaciousness that You Are - Pure Being. Everything. You begin to see that this body is a timeless movement of your awareness. The body then is no longer limited. It was limited by the belief that you are a body. When you are realising you are not the body, the body is no longer a fixed formed identity, it is able to move. You are registering levels of deeper Awareness, unseen levels of your inner dimensions. 


Open To All That Is

When I am open to All That Is and to all people I am communicating with, then I can drop deeper, deeper than the sense of self. Then I communicate from the deeper body of Love or Awareness. Whilst I have form, that body comes with a speed beyond mind comprehension up to the surface. What you are seeing when I move is way, way deeper than your mind. That is why one man, his name is Jesus, said that ”I Am the way”.  You discover YOU ARE the way. You are way, way deeper than your mind, and you are able to move in the Beyond and up to the surface in the same manner. And you can immediately speak of it, because it is in your experience.

When we come to The Form, your perception changes. Instead of functioning as somebody with a past, you have the opportunity to drop deep down within. Maybe then you will realise, that your hands that move are a movement prior to the belief there are hands moving and that your feet that move, are actually the manifestation of walking in a deeper dimension.


What Is Age?

What the body is, is the forming of the Deep. The mind tells you that the body has age but the mind is a liar. The body has no age. Age is the distance you put between what you know you are and what you believe you are. That is age. It is the distance you put between the truth you know you are and your self experience that you are continually believing. Your body is a manifestation of Now. It doesn't actually exist in space or time. It exists in and as You in the Now.

Day 2

"Enlighten your sense of self as to What You Are!" 

"Sexuality is the power to manifest where Awareness is coming from in each and every moment. "

"Where you put your attention energy flows." 

“In the true direct making of Love, which is the manifestation and the living of the universe, your light of Awareness has entrance into the mystery of the universe and into the deeply unseen.”

" In the East both Shiva and Shakti are in a ring of fire. This is to show that there is nothing else but transformation happening and the unveiling of deeper realities."  

"You have identified with this level of conditionality not realising that its only condition is to form what you are being and that's it.

You are not 'someone' seeing, you are Consciousness seeing and knowing, aware. From where you see from energy moves to form the Seeing and Knowing. THAT is sexuality."

"With the light of our first intelligence as Awareness we KNOW that only Love is being made in the manifestation of the universe. Everything else is a lie or a distortion of an unenlightened mind and an unenlightened nervous system or body." 

"You don't heal your past by doing anything with it. It heals by you being one with your Being. "

"When She moves, everyone knows She moves."

"The body is a forming in the stream of Knowing. Your ability to stream what is deeper requires the full opening of your sexuality to your heart and within your own awareness."  


Intimacy Is Not 'Sexual Relationship', Intimacy Is A Call Of Union In Being   

A full conversation with woman with beautiful passages about sexuality, the cosmos, true relatedness, the Masculine and Feminine and what making Love truly is. 


Q: I have been so touched in how you are speaking about sexuality and there is a profound yearning for a sexual relationship that is mature.

B: Then if it truly is, it wont be a sexual relationship. Intimacy is not 'sexual relationship'. Intimacy is a call of union in Being.  In this, one's attention is not towards sexuality as being separate from what called you to meet another. Otherwise, if you think it is 'sexual intimacy' you will have an agenda, so you will need sex. If it is an intimate call of your being, sex won’t enter the arena, only the sweetness you are discovering in Being together.  

In the sweetness of discovering Being together, power or pure sexuality will move. It moves towards the attention you are in your Being, or the attention you are giving to your self. It is exactly how the manifest universe is working right Now. 

From No-where or Awareness, Light emerges. It is the Light of Awareness. Some call it the Self. It is ‘I’, I who am listening to these words right now. Then, without splitting or duality it splits into Consciousness and pure energy - both one with Supreme Intelligence. The entire cosmos arises out of that movement. Pure Energy manifests pure Consciousness and pure Consciousness knows pure forming. There is no separate sense of self.

Whether we believe to be a man or a woman, whilst we have form and our awareness moves towards the truth of our being, pure energy fills our awareness in our body. She rises to fill the body with the pure knowing of consciousness. That is pure sexuality moving. It happens in just seeing the birds, the knowing of 'bird'...Instantly energy fills up the body and the heart, the consciousness instantly deepens, expands and is forming. Instantly the body is full of consciousness, full of energy or fullness. 

When as Awareness your seeing and knowing matches your Being, pure energy or pure sexuality fills up the body. That is the union of Consciousness and Energy. This is what in India is called Shiva and Shakti. I don't speak of it in this way so much as it tends to be conceptualised and produces too many images for those that are going beyond image..

You are not 'someone seeing ' you are Consciousness seeing and knowing and aware. From where you see from, energy moves to form the Seeing and Knowing. THAT is sexuality.

If you are seeing and knowing from a limited sense of self and if you Awareness have not been enlightening your sense of self as to What You Are,  then the moment is formed by past sexuality, which is the same as saying 'past experience'. Whilst you place your attention only in the experience of your self but you are knowing That that is a little deeper, your old ways will go wild within your body-mind awareness. Simply because where you put your attention energy flows. We are not taught that energy is sexuality. We are so conditioned as to what sexuality is. It is the power to manifest where Awareness is coming from in each and every moment. 

When Awareness, appearing as a man or woman, is responding to the deeper Knowing, then sexuality moves to the frequency of that Knowing. She dances it and it is pure and real.  She fills up the entire body-mind intelligence with the Love that She Is. It can happen that She appears to be residing at the root chakra but She doesn't, She will come up from the ground. She, sexuality. She is not a woman. It is said that She needs Consciousness here, where apparently He resides - He, Consciousness itself.  She will come up and there is Union and the expression of that Union is the cosmos. 

Q: I meet such fear around this as I am listening... 

B: This is because you take yourself to be a particular woman. She is not a particular woman, He is not a particular man and neither are there men women. The closest you can get is to point to their mystery is 'pure masculine consciousness, pure feminine consciousness' but that is The Self. 

You have identified with this level of conditionality not realising that its condition is to form what you are being and that's it. If you are forming that you are a particular woman it is going to form in a deep way that you are just this particular woman. 

Your sexuality is really your innate ability to create what you are as a being. because within you are neither a man nor a woman, you are The Self and that even goes deeper. 

If we move up from that you are the pure Yin and Yang and the moment you move, both masculine and feminine power, energy and consciousness is manifesting the universe. As that keeps flowing out (without duality) of where It comes from, there is the manifestation of what appears to be a man and woman. Although this power of Love can find itself in two men or two women.

Your fear is your need to control your energy to suit the images you have created your self around. If your love of the Deep or your love of God is for man, then as long as you hold on to those images, you will draw shallow man. You have to see how ridiculous that is because where 'I Am' there is no such thing as a shallow man. But there is a play of it because he has judged himself so much. 

You will bring a man to you that won't stretch you beyond your current comfort zones and if he does you will make sure he doesn't and if he still does, you will make sure he doesn't do it again and if he still does, you will really bring the animal out and have a go at eating him. And if he still does....at some point you stop: 'What is this man? " and in that moment you will see him for what He is beyond the man. He is your Love, He is Consciousness itself.

In some way you are testing, whether you can ‘stand’ within his consciousness, inside of YOU and whether you can completely allow everything to fall away in his company. Maybe you will reveal to him, which is you inside, that he is this living possibility.

He is not really outside, he is inside. If he believes he is outside you will help him get inside somehow , however that comes, because you are both over wanting and needing this. You are called to discover what you deeply are in the relatedness until your sexuality raises the roof and the whole universe knows Love has just been made. Because in the true direct making of Love, which is the manifestation and the living of the universe, your light of Awareness now has entrance into the mystery of the universe and into the deeply unseen. That is what the making of Love is, embodied.

Your fear is losing your comfort zone. Who would you be without all that 'knitting' going on? Your fear is that you will go beyond your boundary and disappear into pure Consciousness. He will disappear into being No-body. Somehow there is a profundity at work, making two One. Then you will explore what this making of Love truly is and what You Are right Here, right Now.  You will be lost in the New. 

If you are not, levels of struggle will appear in your sexuality, which basically means your creativity. You won't know how to move anymore and you will seek the past to rest your head in but you won't stay there for very long IF you are truly called.  Your fear is also that you have been hurt by someone but you haven't actually been hurt, you have just mistaken you to be a woman and mistaken a man to be a man. Yo have not gone to the root of your Calling together. 

This is why in the East both Shiva and Shakti are in a ring of fire because there is nothing but transformation happening and the unveiling of deeper realities. Living and fully known between you who are now One without a plural. It is the rarest realisation.  

Q: Thank you. This is very tender...and you have described perfectly what has been happening in these last years

B: Let's look now , let's not look in the past years. How is your sexuality moving right now as you listen?

Q: What I am feeling is a greater rootedness , opening and a coming down into the body. There is activation in the hands and feet and yes particularly in the feet. 

B: That's it is it? So it's not moving all along in every cell of the body ?

Q: Yes of course!

B: It's not really 'of course' unless you say it. Why did you choose to to put it 'here' and there' and in isolated places in a controlled manner?  Is it because if it came all the way through your body you would have no control anymore? But then your sexuality might fill the entire Universe, because it does!'

To realise this and be in balance in that in this apparent humanness, your sexuality won't be that old stuff you have been taught. It is new energy constantly filling up the body from the response of what is deep. It's like a big YES to What Is. 

Q: For me even to speak of this without any shame and with ease is wonderful. It is natural..

B: You as a person have shame there. She is not lit up.  She is not moving through the walls, the ceiling, the lights, every body. When She moves everyone knows She moves. When Seeing and Knowing sees and knows ..find out how that is.....What I am pointing to is that as humans as Awareness with the light of our first intelligence, we know that only Love is being made in the manifestation of the universe. Everything else is a lie or a distortion of an unenlightened mind and an unenlightened nervous system or body. 

This is not a problem. Shame must be allowed to move through without our name on it . Guilt, without your name on it. You judge yourself and in that you judge another and everything remains the same, the same, the same. Instead of creating the Deep you just create the same images.   

We are still speaking about sexuality are we not? 

You KNOW when you have made Love,  all your friends know when you have made Love,  your colleagues at work know that you have made Love and the birds sing that you have made Love and the sun shines that you have made Love because that changes everything here. Until even breathing, is making Love, hearing the birds, is making Love. Until just your Seeing is making Love. You will just be a flow of the making of Love and your body is the streaming of this Love moving.

Then you won't hold back in this life, which is holding back your sexuality and your consciousness, locked in past experience. Then in every moment, for you, the whole body will be open. Deeper levels of Her mystery will be revealed and deeper levels of His mystery will be revealed.  Amongst all of that the past is allowed to dissolve, to move and come home without any interruption, because its no longer your guide. Your guide is pure Awareness seeing and knowing, and thats what you respond to.'

That moves new energies, new consciousness and new power. Healing then is quite natural. You don't heal your past by doing anything with it. It heals by you being one with your Being. So if there is agony within you right now or discomfort or difficulty - you are the fullness. What is seeing and knowing is not somebody. They are pictures is within your body-mind. You Are that One. 


Knowing Objectifying Its Knowing

You believe we are listening to him (B) but in truth you are not. You are knowing Knowing. There is no him over here. That's a projection of the light of Knowing objectifying its Knowing. This happens naturally so that Awareness knowing can form its Knowing without a beginning and an end and that is the movement of the cosmos. 


This Will Change How You Make Love

Q:  I am going through what you are speaking of here with this man who is here with me now. Time and space is completely altered in this relating .

B: When you are being deeply true time and space is deeply new. Yes, because it expands, it becomes more subtle, less time as it were and more openness. Time stretches and in its stretch it becomes more timeless

QSo much old is falling away , old control systems ..it is such a letting go. 

B: Within that discovery what are you discovering that is more subtle and more deep in your own experience ? 

Q: We see each other - he looks at me and I see mySelf and I look at him and he sees himSelf. 

B: Yes, the Seeing and Knowing is seeing it sees and knows. You begin to rest deeply and profoundly. Everything is quietened. This will change how you make Love and how you are able to open, to give and to receive. Less and less will it be about you as a someone - him as a someone. You will be able to make Love in what appears to be distance. Just in the seeing and knowing of his consciousness, the seeing and knowing of her light, Love is being made because the Deep is moving.’

Day 3

"Say 'Yes' with a bright heart to whatever the day brings to show you What You Are." 

"The natural movement of breath, which is Life, is to unveil the Deep." 

"There is not single breath you can take that is not unveiling You." 

"We are all veiled Life. We have veiled life with a name and a personalising of experience."

"This body-mind is an activity of That that doesn't act: Supreme Intelligence."

"The moment that Awareness, you and I, have a deeper Seeing and Knowing and we completely open to it, we stream up the stream of light that we appear to be coming down on."

"Your body is a vehicle of cosmic expression communication and communion. The truth is that the cosmos is being poured out of Awareness right Now. "

"The living of Love is to take your realisation livingly into the corners of your sense of self and realisation - NOW."

" In Openness the body mind becomes Openness, not contracted with self identity."

"Isn't it an amazing, inspiring truth, that the 'I' that begins it all, the 'I' that end it all and the 'I 'that begins it all and ends it all again is Here Now, appearing as you and I? "

"Real Energy is energy without form in it - without images. It is not conveying an imagination. It is conveying the Truth. That is a movement of Love. "

"There is nothing in your experience that is not a vibratory movement of light, having form and having life. There is nothing you could possibly ever experience that is not in Awareness and not known by the light of Awareness. " 




We Have Veiled Life

We are all veiled Life. We have veiled life with a name and a personalising of experience. Yet there ARE levels within our totality that are unveiled and shining. We as Awareness tend to not recognise the levels that are unveiled. They can be like trophies put on a shelf, waiting for a rainy day or when we see someone that we particularly love, they shine. 


The Body Transforms Food Into Experience

This body is a strange and wonderful  thing. It naturally collects experience.  If I gave you breakfast this morning, then whatever it is that you deeply are, has now transformed food into life experience. Your deeper intelligence turns food into a body. No matter what kind of food you put in there, it transforms it into to your embodiment, into your body. 

See the wonder of that! Most of us don't, we take this for granted. Whatever is at the core of all this, is turning that that you eat into a body, so that you can realise what form is as the Formless - as Awareness.

The Form Reality Practice

The Form is the expression of the realisation of the functionality of the universe in human form and its dynamics. To me that is in every cell of your body. Your body is a vehicle of cosmic expression communication and communion. The truth is that the cosmos is being poured out of Awareness right Now. Can you hear it breathe? Literally Consciousness is breathing, it breathes out its innermost chambers and then it breathes them back in.


Light Conducts Love

What You Are in the body is an immense transformative vehicle. You are evolving the universe of your experience. Within that there is unveiling, to unveil the deeper level realising.  Unveiling opens up a profounder power of one's own awareness. Awareness you can sit deep and nothing really touches you, there is not an experience that is not made of your essential nature.

The light by which I know Thee is the light by which I know All. The quality of light is that it conducts Love and that it transports all that empties into the Source of Love. We can see each other but will we all travel into the streaming of this intimacy?

The moment that Awareness, you and I, have a deeper Seeing and Knowing and we completely open to it, we stream up the stream of light that we appear to be coming down on. We realise the light of our Self instantly. It is actually not going anywhere. Within that we realise and we are unveiled. 


The Immediacy Of Knowing I AM

When you are knowing anything, any thing, your mind objectifies that as if you are knowing 'something'. That seems to give this world value. When you truly begin to awaken, then when Knowing knows an object, the object mirrors the Knower and there is an immediacy of Knowing that has nothing to do with the object other than that it is a mirror. Until all objects fail to mirror to you Knowing. The moment you know, you know I AM. You no longer need an objective experience to tell you the meaning of being alive. 

I AM the light that is streaming the moment of Knowing. On this level Knowing naturally arises with phenomenal forms. They naturally arise. And within naturally arising phenomenal form, Awareness is timelessly spacious and the forms do not have positive or negative charge. They are pure forms of Awareness. There is no polarity within them. 


You Are Beyond Polarity

Awareness as you awaken, truly awaken , you de-polarise forms of experience. There is no need for you to move by positives and negatives. In that moment you are Pure Being moving. You have taken out the 'charges'  out of these forms. To do the work of living fully, allow the unveiling to take place. if you make experiences polaric, good, bad, right or wrong, you create someone that is happening to. You are not someone. You are wonderfully the Only One. 


You Cannot Take Your Name Into The Deep
from a conversation

Q:  "I have had lots of awakening or spiritual experiences, but the realisations are not lasting  in my experience....." 
B: When we are really clear about 'What I Am', this 'I', we begin to discover that it is not someone's collected thoughts and images and experiences that goes down into the Deep.  Our name is just a bunch of collected phenomena. It is rather like the collection of stickers or marbles that you might have had as a child

Our name is a huge magnet, half of this magnet is polarised into one direction to collect experience, the other half is pushing it away. Basically this is what our name does: polarise experience. Unless your name is a vibration of deeper Meaning. For instance, if you had a spiritual name and you were truly living its meaning, we probably wouldn't have this conversation. When you are given a name that has profound Meaning, you must keep your attention within that profundity. All that you will then attract is to transform all your experience into a meaning of that name. 

So I have no doubt that you have had experience. It would be more correct to say: As Awareness I awoke to deeper dimensions of my Being. You cannot take your name to those dimensions. The moment you pass through the gate, your name cannot go through unless you have bene living the Meaning of your name . Then it can go through. In that manner no one ever had the realisations..

The realisations that ,as Awareness, you have had, would have burnt away levels of your sense of self and person that were ready for immediate transformation and the streaming of You as a Being up to the surface was complete. Then at some point without warning it all seemed to close. It was as if God suddenly shut the door. 

Many realisers, although it is a paradox after what I just said, experience this in a similar manner. You have now come up to a level of self and person that doesn't have a relationship with you as Being. These levels were untouched by that that you were realising. Now you are asked to live in this sense of self and person and in this world, what was living in you as Awareness - its meaning, its depth, its movement, its beingness. You are asked to LIVE it up in the sense of self, body and person but free of the sense of self, body and person. The living of Love is to Now take your realisation livingly into the corners of your sense of self and realisation. Please hear again, I am not speaking about 'somebody' doing this. 

In the realising whatever your Awareness awoke to, you never come upon your name. You were living opened Awareness and your Awareness was filling out an inner dimension that was already complete and untouched by experience. Then as, Awareness, you come up into the conditional forming of experience. Now, through You, the deeper level can have form and functionality as a whole being and it doesn't know any polarity.

Only you do on this level. Sit deeper in what you have realised and any contact with that that doesn't match the realisation will begin to vibrate. It vibrates at the energy and frequency that you put together in,  as an image of You.

You depolarise the forms that are returning or emptying, by remaining open to where you now come from. The conditional level will ravage you. That is self-transformation. If you can sit open, laugh, smile, be still, whatever it is, and you don't  give it any answer other than Openness, you will realise that someone called by your name did not realise anything and only someone called by your name can ever experience polarities. 

Awareness free of a name is Freedom Itself and is able to move amongst beings that are not clear who they are and see into all the possibilities that actually exist in this cosmos. In that, you become made of Openness and then the way you see and know is not objectifying your wants and needs - you are discovering the realisation that 


The Past Is Now

You can only speak of Now - use your mind and you will be speaking of the past. But the past is Now, it is in the Now. 

When you see this, you can't be bothered to speak about the past. It was always Now, made of the Now, but coloured. Now you love the light itself - you are longer bothered by the colours of the past. You love the full Presence of What Is and the past is washed and you land in what Now really is. It is Now that you move, Now that you are still, Now that you are capable as the Now. It is Now that you have the capacity, as NOW , to move the universe of your life, one with the deeper communion of what you deeply first are . 

You lovingly with full care do not step away from that. If you do, you usher yourself back like you would usher a butterfly out of a closed room, so that it can fly in the spaciousness of what it is. 

You Want It All

You want it All - but if you want it All, It has to live you and you have to live what It is up on the surface. That is a pure state of Openness. 

B About B

"His name was 'Bernie and then somehow it changed to 'B'. 'B' really means 'Being it All'.

"Whoever this is (B) even the energy of B is the realisations. Self-transformation. It doesn't mean there is anybody here..I am You. We are that One. A cell has transformed into the Wholeness  and lives it and there is still more." 


Your Deepest Longing

Do you know what your deepest longing is ? When you get to a certain level of awakening, your deepest longing is for everyone you meet to be free. Your heart hurts because you want everyone to be free, you want to exchange in Love and beauty and wonder.

But then you are going to have to be one with each other's experience. You cannot say that is someone else's experience over there. No, you must go into it, enter it with them and experience it, not foolishly but with a flaming heart. That you are willing to burn too, impersonally. I burn for you constantly - because I love you so deep in this Love that we are.


Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 1.46.09 PM.png

 A Matrix Of Connectivity

Your nervous system is rather like the Leylines on planet earth. If you go any deeper you will realise Leylines within the cosmos. Science calls them a gravitational grid - they are Leylines - they are the matrix of connectivity. It might seem like we are separate and sitting in different places. But your mind , which is really  the mind of God, through your Awareness manifests the brain. The brain is not an individuated brain. Your brain turns perception into sense-perception. It looks like you have a brain that is yours, but you could say there is a big brain here in the human psyche and t is of cosmic proportions and it is wired in to the whole matrix of the cosmos. It is singularly wired into the Deep. 

It looks like you are someone over there, having to deal with, in your nervous system, the overload of information. That overload of too much information is the totality of thoughts and feelings since this so called humanness began. All the information since life on the planet first moved. A storehouse of experience but no one's in particular!  Just the true story of the evolution of man-woman-kind.

All that information is in the nervous system. To a much larger degree, in a finer deeper place, the evolution of all beings in the cosmos is available. Whilst you think you are a someone it will blow your circuitry. It will be too much power for you to bring through what you believe is you. Isn't it an amazing inspiring Truth, that the 'I' that begins it all, the 'I' that end it all and the 'I 'that begins it all and ends it all again is Here Now, appearing as you and I? And having access, as the 'I' to: 'I know I Am that I Am'? The moment you are able to respond to this Knowing, that is awakening. Then you are responding to and realising more of what you deeply are in the Unseen appearing in the Cosmos. You realise: I Am That that creates, I Am That that dissolves, I Am That that is knowing the Deep and, without doing anything, is forming the universe. I Am that I Am.


The Only Answer

The one who is listening is the only answer to everything that takes place. If that one makes its domain in thoughts and feelings of a linear nature then you are not the answer but you are the problem. Your self becomes the problem - You identified with your self. When you don't identify with your self you are YOU. Who are You ? What are You? Ask this before you speak a single word. You are aware. You are knowingly aware.  Always go with what is first first and not last. Thoughts and feelings are last. 


You Are Not On Your Own

Whilst you have separated What You Are from your self and person, you will think you are someone who is dealing with life on your own. When you are really being open, your nervous system and everyone's nervous system within this field is taking through self transformation. So, you are not dealing with what you thought you were dealing with on your own. And you are not awakening as somebody awakening. You become the awakening of the One in a field of One-ness, able to realise the Deep and move that in the nervous system whilst transforming the self images, in an instant, in the field of humanness. You are not on your own but you could say that humanness is one humanity. 

There is a much speedier transformation within a group field, of people who are given to 'not to hold back' and remain open, no matter what. Then what is conveyed deeply moves through the field. The possibility to transform each form within this field of Beingness is at its highest. Then there is not your nervous system and someone else's, not your realisation and someone else's, it is the One realising Itself, transcending itself  transforming itself and moving itself and living possibility is the movement of Love. Conversations like this encourage each and everyone of us to be so open within our experience. Then there is a recognition of the same, if not familiar experiences for in Essence we are the same one, with a little wonderful difference. Then we don't have to sit tightly on our chairs , we might find ourselves on the edge of our seats in the wonder of it all and its capacity to heal, to make real, to deepen, to open, to reveal. This is of benefit to all beings.



When we relate to the deeper Knowing of our aware experience and we relate to the deeper Knowing and Seeing our awareness expands, deepens and there is more aliveness. We transcended this idea that our personalising experience fulfils us. We realise that fulfilment is within our Being. Then we can move together as fulfilled beings. That will deepen and the field is transcending, growing and the light of Awareness is shining through each body-mind. We are the same One, no longer divided.



Day 4

" Perception changes in deeper Belonging .You see everything for what it is meaningfully, deeply, wholly, really." 

"The IS transcends all worlds and is then available to move through all of them -
Pure Living Awareness."

"Only the Unfamiliar can truly be, see, know and have. What is deeper must have everything and it knows no past."

"In being wholly one with deeper Knowing the brain opens to the higher frequencies of a living Being. The deeper levels of the brain are inaccessible to the familiar sense of consciousness. It is as though we are protected from our own depth because our depth will destroy our make-believe reality."

"  In awakening, the very core of what you consider as 'feeling' will empty out because not until Being touches on the core of feeling will you know the feeling of Love, which is not a feeling . You will become infinitely more silent in the movement of your humanness."

"There is no real human relatedness if one doesn’t relate what one knows is deeply true." 

"This moment of existence is being streamed by You as Awareness."

"Sense-perception itself is the movement of light, the same light by which we know, see and are together."

"In awakening you will disturb all the pictures you have put into your nervous system. You keep looking into these pictures to see that you are getting it right and they are all nicely tucked into your sleepy nervous system. Waking up is that all those images and sensations wake up IN YOU Awareness, and it all begins to head back to its Source. You will believe there is an army on the march but they are all your children on their way home, which is NOW." 

"Enter this life fully, don't turn away because you come on the edge of your identification with the sense of self." 

"You don’t have attention deficit. You choose to give your attention to your sense of self . "

"Form is not limited in that it is made of Awareness. When Awareness truly becomes aware that the light of Knowing is its True Self, you transcend form and then include it quite naturally."

"When Awareness responds to the Deep that is the making in an instant of True Form. True form then is the pouring of the Formless instantly creating form." 

"“Who am I? What am I?” is the question of each breath. "

"As Awareness, if you kept your attention completely Now, every thought would come to your attention, instead of your attention going to every thought." 

"Openness has no means of conflict. Openness that has no past or future is pure creation, Now. "

"Truth doesn’t give you any hope. Truth doesn’t give you a rope. Truth simply makes you naked and not need any thing to be deeply true to. Your immediate guide is being true. Until you are simply Being Truth."

"Movement is the action of Consciousness. Within movement, Consciousness discovers what It Is or what it is not. Within the action it realises ‘What I Am’."

"If you respond to Knowing, the inward way home, the delight of being open, is the experience of 'Being-Knowing-Aware.' "



Perception Changes in Deeper Belonging

This moment of existence is being streamed by You as Awareness. When the body drops away you will move in that stream and you will be very aware of that streaming. You will move in that stream as Awareness to wherever you are returning to. No matter where you move to, you will still be Awareness and you will still be knowingly aware that you are knowingly aware. 


We know everything that we know in our familiar sense through the light of Knowing but that light of Knowing has been objectified. It is when as Aware Knowing you cease objectifying the Knowing. When we cease objectifying the Knowing there is immediate opening, communing and communication of the deeper Knowing. There is no one 'over there' and when the same light that you see each other with, meets the same streaming, the Deep opens up in your hearts and you begin to experience the opening of what is deeper than the familiar and the known. In that moment you are a body of joy, but that joy is beyond the word 'body' and the miracle or the wonder of it is that you transcend the body mind and yet it is included. You are actually in another place, other than human experience. The human experience opens up to the extraordinary experience of 'I am Aware' and a greater immediate power of Pure Being opens.

You know you are in a different place and yet all the senses stream that place as the birds, the bees, the trees the mountains, the people. You begin to see that perception changes in deeper Belonging. You see everything for what it is, meaningfully, deeply, wholly, really. Sense perception itself is the movement of light, the same light by which we know, see and are together. As Awareness realises deeper and responds to that deepening, that deepening manifests here - without any doing. Nobody did it. It is the belonging to the deeper opening that brings it apparently here. It changes the mind and the body, it changes everything  because it is a deeper awakening to a profounder dimension. Not a dimension of change, but a dimension of Wholeness. One knows one is whole. 


Wholly One with Deeper Knowing

In being wholly one with that deeper Knowing, the brain opens in areas of the brain that are not yet opened. It is scientifically known that humans only use a small percentage of their brain. The deeper levels of the brain are inaccessible to the familiar sense of consciousness. They will only open to the higher frequencies of a living being. It is as though we are protected from our own depth because our depth will destroy our make-believe reality. 


Pain And Turmoil Have Made You More Open To Receive 'What Is'

If you look at this openly, everything in your life particularly the pain, particularly the turmoil, the broken dreams, the failed desire, all the failed partnerships, have somehow made you more open to receive what truly is. Now the door is open but only the Unfamiliar can be, see, know and have. Because what is deeper must have everything and it knows no past. We are all sitting together because to some degree we are giving up the pictures of our past by entering their shadows - awake, even though that can be devastating to who we believed we were. 

It is a preparation in some way, for extraordinary Awareness to awaken and the deeper possibilities to live, for the Beingness to give expression to the deep.

Ask yourself, has or is pain pointing you with a clear arrow into the Deep? What has it shown you? Is it showing you how to be clear and whole or does it show you to rely on the past and function from past experience? Are you allowing the past to burn? Simply because you are not using it anymore. Then, if pain is an arrow to the Deep, there will be moments of indescribable fear that just happen.  Suddenly there is panic from nowhere, fear blown out of all proportion. Then there are moments of doubts that you didn't even know were still there but now they are amplified. These are all signs of deeper awakening. They are the clearing within the psychic system, the nervous system, the body-mind of the reliance of 'what was' and not what truly is. Because the IS transcends all worlds and then is available to move through all of them - Pure Living Awareness. 

Do You Need More False Experience? 

Are you seeing that arrow of pain? Do you need more pain? Do you need more false experience to know you are pure experience? Pure Awareness knowingly aware, that, that the entire cosmos arises in and dissolves in. Are you realising What You Are?  Yes? Then begin to see how it has instant relationship in What Is.


It All Heads Back To Its Source, Which Is Now

In awakening you will disturb your own mind with the shocking truth that it is all YOU. You will disturb your entire nervous system of all the pictures you have put into it. You keep looking into these pictures to see that you are getting it right. They are all nicely tucked into your sleepy nervous system. Waking up is that all those images and sensations wake up IN YOU, Awareness and it all begins to head back to its Source. You will believe there is an army on the march but they are all your children on their way home, which is NOW. 


Knowing Has No Form

When you know that that is deeper, it has no form or experience other than Knowing. When Awareness, appearing as You and I, says wholeheartedly yes to Knowing,  the truth of that Knowing moves and you know its immediate movement. It is both thrilling and stilling, it is clear and it is whole. It is Love and you know its movement. It immediately fills up the heart and the body.  

You learn without learning in all the mishaps, in all the ups and downs, in al the failures, in all that you wanted to happen and it never did. In the crash of all your beliefs you remember the movement as Being, not moving in the pictures but moving as a being of the Beyond. It is a placeless place. The place to which you return in deep dreamless sleep. 

Now you shockingly no longer listen to any other news, but the news that there is only One Good moving, One Good breathing , One Good living. You begin to discover your whole Beingness. It is discovered only in this moment. A picture, a sensation or an old energy will surely come and it is really made believable in the body. The body makes real everything you believe and your first old belief that will fail is this one: "But I feel this is right!” That one will crash. The very core of feeling will empty out because not until Being touches on the core of feeling, will you know the feeling of Love, which is not a feeling . You will become more silent in your movement of your humanness. Because you are no longer listening to the body-mind brain box idea of who you are. All those old ideas will come to you from inside and outside, from friends, family, politicians ..they will all give you it. You will be letting go of all of that, until all that you respond to is the depth of your Knowing. Then it moves as You and up into the body. This it is Living Truth and then even your body registers the Deep. 


 Profoundly Beyond It, Profoundly In It

You‘ve got to enter this life fully not turn away because you come on the edge of your identification with the sense of self. You have come upon what we are speaking of here so many times and then you fall for the idea of being a 'someone'. You don’t have attention deficit. You choose to give your attention to your sense of self. It seems valuable to you until you really realise it is not giving you anything other than perfect failure! It is so simple to arrive in perfect failure. You begin to get it, you begin to get that you are still living, still alive and somehow you are even more aware and more available for life as it is. You don't have to make-believe anything anymore. You don't have to go and get it. It is unfolding and you have access into the Deep. 

Then your failures may come to you through others, you will hear your stories through other people and you will hear your stories through the newspaper and through the media. You have to hear it everywhere. That way what You Are awakening as, integrates everywhere. You will see a miracle of Love taking place, an intelligence that is what it is, no matter what. Moving, living, evolving the universe. It is involved IN IT. This power of 'I' and it is 'I' who am listening to these words now. Profoundly beyond it, profoundly in it . Non - Duality!


Form Is Not  Limited

Form is only as limited as you  are aware IN it. The body-mind or form is only as limited as how you limit your own Awareness. It is only as limited as you will remain identified with wanting and needing. Awareness believes it is contained within a form of experience and not that the form of experience is contained IN Awareness. 

When you hear this, there is growth and depth and the building of a higher self. In other words your intelligence climbs a few ladders. Your energy isn't confined just to 'below the belt' , so you are not controlling your formed experiences. Both Awareness  (Consciousness)  and energy go beyond the roof - you are all open. 

Form is not limited in that it is made of Awareness. When Awareness truly becomes aware that the light of Knowing is its true Self, then you transcend form and then include it quite naturally. You are only capable of what is beyond form IN form when your Awareness is clearly responding to the Deep. Then it is not just your Awareness that expands, the forms of Awareness grow. If you are limited so are your forms. 

When Awareness responds to the Deep, that is the making, in an instant, of true form. True form then is the pouring of the Formless instantly creating form. Those forms are real form, they don't have anybody's name on them. They are not imagined. It is the movement of Pure Being manifest. 


On Fear

Nothing that is Real can ever be afraid of anything. Fear is the relationship between Awareness identified with self and with imagined experiences in a seeming past. The moment Awareness looks into the past, it looks into pictures and energies seemingly in the past. The moment you identify with any image, the seeming gap between what you deeply know and that image creates fear. 

When Awareness doesn't relate to the past, it has no image of 'What Is', so there is no limiting sense of self that has sprung up from an imagined past. In such bright Awareness there is no fear. Have a relationship with your self, you will have fear. Relate to What You Are deeply and your self will build in the likeness of your relationship with the Deep. All that can fear is the speaking images of your past. Don't listen to them. It is not You. But those images and their energy will dissolve in you, in you not having anything to do with them. 

Look at the past, relate to the past and you will have fear in the present. Don't look in the past, remain true to what is deeper and you will be Presence, you won't have fear. Only identity as a self will have fear. It is not that you are dissolving your fear, you are letting go of this body-mind idea that you are 'a someone'. 

Everything is interconnected in the Allness, in the Oneness, in the Deep. Right Now Awareness is registering the Deep and the manifest and the Knower of that is the one who is listening to these words now. 

There is nothing to do there other than let the registration happen. As you truly become open, Awareness naturally responds to the Deep. There are no longer reactions on the surface. Your response to the Deep and your response to the manifest becomes equal, because You are the same One on both apparent levels. YOU are equal and everything is arriving in 'equal-ness'. There is no positive and negative in the equal-ness of your Awareness. Bad is as equal as good. It is all made of that One. The living of that is enlightened Awareness in its fullest. 


Attention Led By Thought

Unless you are attentive to this moment you will be on the lead of our mind, leading you to all manner of concerns. Concerns about you, your family or about what is going on in the world. All those concerns are the manifestation of thinking.

It is clear that you cannot think about Now. Thought then must be a past image. Thought leads you to the past and the same thought  leads you towards the future to get rid of that thought. Your attention is being led by thought and it always lands your attention in what was, what should be or what could be. Your thought gives you a centre and in truth You are no centre. You are Pure Awareness in which every form, all experience arises in. You build a centre simply by following a thought. 

As Awareness, if you kept your attention completely Now, every thought would come to your attention, instead of your attention going to every thought. Begin to see that thinking makes you believe you have a centre, then you will centre your attention on images. Learn to be open where all that lives, lives as You - Pure Awareness.  Your mind will tell you 'I need to sort my family out.' Your mind will tell you 'I need to sort things out' but they don't resolve in a deep meaningful way when you have a centre! You will be self-centred about everything. You won't be available to be open to it All. 

When your awareness is present you won't be functioning as a thought, you will be the movement of openness, able to hear, able to feel, able to see, able to move without a centre. You will be knowing wholeness. You will be wholly present with those you are with. The moment you think, there is conflict in you because thought gives you a self-centre and an objective past. That disturbs your moment of being present. Now you are encoded with thought that has a feeling.  Basically you end up chasing pictures and that leads to more conflict.

When we see that we cannot think about Now, that is the end of self-concern. There will be pure openness. That manifests as relaxation in the body, clarity in the mind and a heart that is enabled to speak and hold all in Love. Then that very attention of being a self-centre integrates in to the body and the body opens to its deeper mystery. There is only Presence living this moment. This is not a concept but we each have to discover this. 

What we love is that we are the same openness, only thought is conflicting between us. Openness has no means of conflict. Openness that has no past or future is pure creation - Now. You can reach into openness and into the openness of an apparent other. It is no longer a movement of thought coupled with a feeling. There is pure sensation, pure energy, ecstatic Presence or simple delightful openness. I believe there is no one that does not yearn for that simplicity.  It is just obscured by a self-centre that is just an idea of thinking.


expansion-2_677322 (1).jpg

Crisis Points You To The Real

If you are reading this,  it means you are in crisis.  The crisis is that you have gone beyond your familiar model of yourself. You have gone beyond what you once believed you were and there is nothing in your life or in your self that fits what you are awakening to. You are in crisis because you are awakening beyond your familiar sense of self. That crisis shows up in your nervous system when you act from the past. The body-mind registers the crisis, that what is now available is more than what is programmed or patterned into the body-mind.

Most people don’t recognise they are in crisis. I am speaking here of those that believe they are awakening. Because you have to see you are awakening to what is profoundly deeper than how you are living your life. I am speaking of the manner in which you are living here, not the forms necessarily, but the forms aren’t matching the frequency of what you as Awareness are awakening to.

So the moment that you do anything, that crisis shows up in your nervous system and in how you relate. You are pulled to Truth and yet you are living less than what you are pulled to. You try to sort your life out from a mix of what you are knowing deeper and mix it in your usual forms that you move in. It doesn’t work.

That is the crisis that one enters when one truly awakens. You cannot give yourself to that old model, that old way anymore. You are called to be deeply true. You don’t know how that will look but you do know that is what you love so you find the way. The way isn’t in all the appearance of things. The way is how you find the inner way in all that appears to be outer. You will still come upon the crisis until you no longer fear crisis.

You become quite courageous and if things need to change they change and you go with the consciousness of that change and you constantly find the new deeper way.  Otherwise you just remain in crisis, functioning from old belief systems that you have actually gone beyond. You are diving deep.  You are letting the deep-dive change the surface

You won’t be changing the surface, you are being deeply true to the deeper level you are awakening to. That will change the surface forms that you used to relate to, as showing you What You Are. Handling those surface forms to move as if they are forms of You, you enter a deeper crisis. Until the crisis shakes you free of the absurdity that you believed that the surface can ever speak for you, act for you or be You. Then you move in a deeper manner, by being one with the deep Truth.

Forms on the surface continue to change. Now they don’t tell you who they are. Now it becomes obvious, they are true forms of what you are deeply awakening to. You don’t need form anymore to tell you what you are. You are Awareness awakening, one with the deeper truth of the light of your Real Self.

Can you hear this? Truth doesn’t give you any hope. Truth doesn’t give you a rope. Truth simply makes you naked and not need anything to be deeply true to. Your immediate guide is being true. Until you are simply Being Truth. Crisis is pointing to the New. The Real. Reality itself, Meaning itself. It’s deeply what You first are. 

Leaving Your Old ways Behind  (More On Crisis ) 

Where does this touch you?  It will resonate, strike cords within, and it will be registered up on the surface. You will recognise the crisis. You just haven’t seen it as a crisis. Its a crisis of belonging and belief.

Have you ever seen an abandoned town or city? Where I live whole towns abandoned because of earthquakes and seismic activity. You can see acres and acres of houses with trees growing through the windows. Abandoned. No one lives there anymore. That is rather like leaving your old ways behind. You have to realise you don’t live there anymore. Really see you do not live there anymore, so that nature can take over the old buildings. You are like the abandoned town. You don’t live there anymore. 

I am giving you an image that you can translate into the abandonment of your old way. It is a powerful image but it is beyond imagination. In the crisis it is unimaginable to abandon your old way. In the crisis your old way is coming up through every crevice. In every way the old abandoned town comes up. In the newspapers, on the radio, in your old favourite songs, old favourite books, your friends, your family. It comes in every way. And will you be clear "I do not live there anymore"? You have to announce this with every fibre of your body. You will be accused of being insensitive but you are actually becoming acutely sensitive. A speck of dust could cry and you would know it. This is how open you are becoming. Most would not go this way. They don’t want to recognise a crisis or have one. But the crisis of Consciousness awakening to the truth of its own Pure Being is real. And it is demonstrable in life.

Begin to whole heartedly speak that you do not live there anymore. You are discovering living what is beyond and like a baby you are learning to walk the Beyond. You are learning to speak the beyond language. You have no interest in your old way. It makes no difference that this makes you unrecognisable to most people. Love recognises its own.Do you recognise the crisis in a real way? If you don’t recognise it, it simply continues the suffering. A split apprehension of things. You want to dive into what Reality is, which is your deepest nature and Calling. 

Would you let go of anything that enabled you to deeply dive deeper without needing to know how that is going to look? Tell me, what will death look like? You don’t know. Does it have you opening? Then you are already well through the crisis. Does it have you closing? Then you are holding onto some belief that you need something of the past to relate to. All that you need is knowing What You Are. Present Knowing aware -  unspeakable and yet it speaks in everything. Inexpressible and yet it forms and forms are animated by what it is. It is the one listening to these words now. 



The Search For More Experience Ends

As you truly awaken you won’t be making more experience. You won’t be searching for more experience. You won’t find much experience of having or doing something. It won’t give you a sense of Beingness, so you will stop reaching for more experience. 

And the forms that used to give you experience, you naturally let go of them and they dissolve. You become quieter and quieter inside. The Love, the Truth you awakened to, you realise IS You. Your need of any other experience falls away and you courageously explore What You Are, what this 'I' of Knowing points into.

You leave all your old ways behind. You tenderly vulnerably utterly find the way. The way that matches your deepest Knowing. You recognise it intimately, deeply. It no longer matters to you what comes and goes. What now matters is what never comes and never goes, but what remains. You experience Awareness knowingly aware. 

But in your love of that Truth you enter what You Are. Not only does that dissolve old forms on the surface, but true forms move. It no longer matters to you whether it is a true form or a false form. You are coming alive in Meaning. 


Questions Disappear

Q: I feel as though every question and answer has disappeared and also the necessity for either of them. 

B: The question and answer may disappear for a moment. Then the question of life, of  ‘How shall I live?’ arises. Because there is movement of life, through an apparent ‘other’ or a need of activity, such as that you will be making your food, walking down the street, looking after the children. Whatever you do, there is going to be activity. You will be aware of that activity and you will be IN it. The activity relates or reflects to you “What are you?”. 

Someone will speak to you, how will you answer? As if you are someone they know and as if they are someone you know? Immediately you are called to answer the question: “Where do you come from? What do you know? What are you?” It is the only constant here. It is a question is it not? In its movement it is Love, in its depth, Truth. How will you answer?  Do you see? Action IS. It looks like people are doing the action but movement is the action of Consciousness. Within that movement, Consciousness discovers what It Is. Or what its not. It realises within the action ‘What I Am’. Or it simply relates to the body-mind and its activity: “I am a man, I am a woman, I am an office worker, I am a scientist”….but is that the truth? Do you not long to live as the Truth?. Then you must discover What You Are in ALL activity. Action or activity questions what you are. 

Yes, the question and answer may fall  away, such as in deep dreamless sleep. Apparently you wake up in the morning, then how shall you live? You don’t ask yourself this because you just live everyone else’s life. You will live all the conditional forms, the conditional form of your society, your education, your google search. You live through all this shallow stuff and all that is ok to be there, but will you live the More within your google search? 

To know what You Are and BE what You Are is always the question of daylight, until there is no night and day for you. It is realised that Awareness does not sleep ever, ever, ever. So each moment is a question. “What am I, Who am I, how shall I live? The planet itself has come to this crisis of identity. This is always the question until you are living as Awareness because that is what you deeply are.  

There will still be questions. “Would you like tea or cappuccino?” “What time shall I get up in the morning?” “Don’t forget to take the children.” “Will you pick me up from the station? ”Wonderful, ordinary life still moves but the question of Reality itself exists. It will never cease. “Who am I? What am I?” is the question of each breath. 

When you really get this, the body completely relaxes because all the tension within it is through not answering that question. Then in being the living answer everything relaxes, just deeper and deeper. You are the question and the answer and it all simply unfolds. 

You get caught in the headlights for a while. The amazement of what you are seeing and knowing. You think it is over there but its right Here, and it is the one who is listening to these words now. The headlights begin to relax, everything goes completely deeply black and you soften into the Deep and you wonderfully lose all self-centredness just like in deep dreamless sleep. And then the light comes on. The light is the question of life, its movement, its brightness, its livingness and its return. 


Going Home

It is not long before you will all be going home. Outwardly you know where that is. How will you know that inwardly? You do. If you respond to Knowing, the inward way home, the delight of being open is the experience of Being Knowing Aware. 

You know when you enter your heart. You know when you enter and you know when you don’t fully enter. You know that you know you know. It is like a Trinity. You have to complete the Trinity. You know you know you know. 

Stay knowingly at the door of the heart until it opens. Only then will you know what the heart is. You will discover that is the first door into What You Are. Then go and find out what is next. What is deeper than the heart?  The moment you know you know you know opens the door. Now you can walk in. Keep walking in. 

Day 5

"Everything speaks the language of the Beloved if you look deep enough."

"The listener is the one and only Reality behind all experience." 

"As we realise deeper, we take the load of the higher frequency through a larger nervous system and a larger body. That is growing an enlightened field of human relationship to and as Awareness. "

"All your intimacies come to a single intimacy. That intimacy is the realisation of Love and the realisation that Love moves from Truth." 

 Man & Woman - "The real loving starts when the honeymoon is over, in the dissolving of the illusion that I was ever separate."

"The body-mind is designed to, at some point, completely open, for it is made of light, the light of Awareness."


Relate From And As The Deep


Remain in and respond to the Deep. This is the same as saying: address and relate to this life, to your intimate partner, your family, your friends from and as the depth amongst all the conditioned concepts of how you should act, behave and move. This movement of depth which is moving Now as Light transforms the sense of self and you experience a match of Being up in the level of your self .  

You discover that there is nothing but intimacy here. It seems like that kind of intimacy threatens your known familiar sense of self. Threatened with so much intimacy one may experience a contraction inside. Maybe one, maybe two, maybe several but the contraction is 'holding' this moment of experience and discovering what it is. One could say like a meditation or contemplation. The contraction is a door to a deeper interior and although the mind might go crazy and the emotions might be chaotic and there is a real disturbance in how you would like to relate but you cannot help how that relating is happening, there is an initiation into a deeper door of reality.

Because the deeper reality cannot come up into form that is not as open.The known cannot mix with the unknown. The raising up of the self, the opening of mind beyond concept, that is the un-mixing. Something real is taking place. You may want to move away from that but you will return. The body-mind is designed to at some point completely open for it is made of light, the light of Awareness.


On Resistance

What is resistance? Is there anyone resisting or is that just another illusion? Is resistance the meeting of form that doesn't match the deeper awakening? Form that doesn't match the frequency of the Freedom that you know  inherent in Being. Invent someone who exists, that is ignorance. There is no one resisting. There is just resistance. Resistance is like making a form more smooth. It is like sandpaper. It is not that you want to experience a smoother life, it the natural endeavour for forms of experience to match your knowing of Awareness, to match your Being.

There is no one resisting. That's like saying there is no one perceiving. There is only perception but then in an instant perception can seem to be known by someone. In this magical-ness in the individualising the wholeness. It is the same as saying that is God or Source awakening to itself as each and every one of us. 

So resistance is a level of experience up in the self and person that doesn't match the deepening and widening of Awareness knowing it knows. You are used to translating that as: "I have resistance, I have a problem!" and it is with this object that is rubbing up against me called my partner or my family, my work, my self. He or she or they are like sandpaper. 

You are, as Awareness endeavouring to come up into this level of reality which is You.
The listener is the one and only Reality behind all experience. You are endeavouring to come up into this form and for your form of experience to match the Knowing of the awakening in the deep but you must enter and go right into the forms of this experience - awake! 

Somehow all this roughness and hardness, which human intelligence, has tried to make it more bearable. So you just keep seeking comfort but the roughness and hardness is the nature that points to what You Are. It only becomes smooth or finer by you entering the roughness, the cutting, the burning. Somehow it all works miracles.


Form Is The Word

When as Awareness we voice the Knowing, it is formed. Form isn't necessarily solid. Form is the word, the word:
"I know I know", forming. All this is made of light, the light of Knowing. 


You Won't Know Death

As Awareness heartfully softens it flows and expands beyond the concept of form, the notion that there was ever any matter here. It is all made of the light of Awareness. This becomes a living experience of fullness and possibility. You won't know death. You're already the living forming of the Beyond as you live the awakening. 


Sexuality matches The Movement of Being

 Within this apparent human experience sexuality matches the movement of being true to Being. 

Notice how somewhere in your mind you are still keeping that down in the root chakra because that is the only place you are going to control experience. If that energy comes up above the navel, there is no longer any control of the experience of energy or sexuality.  

The very ability to give expression to What I Am as a being, is through pure energy or sexuality moved as one with the Beingness I am communing and communicating. You will experience that communication as the full embodiment of Being Now. When Awareness (You and I) is true to Knowing or Being, sexuality or pure energy is the total embodiment of Pure Being. That is the cosmic body.    

Sexuality then is no longer condemned down to the lower survival centre, it is moved into total expression of the Divine. This is what is actually here, appearing as the cosmos. The dance of this, manifesting the Divine. 

When we then speak together we don't confine energy or consciousness to survival. Within this openness the embodiment of the Divine or the Pure is not in some hoped for future, it is communed, moved and made real NOW. Your whole body hears, knows and expresses the Truth. 

The moment Awareness, up on the level of body, self and person is true to the core of Being, the very energy that makes creation possible moves in alignment with the truth of Being. Responding to Being moves energy to manifest what Being is in form. 

Within any moment, which is NOW, that  you apprehend the deeper Knowing and it has all your attention, this deeper Knowing streams as a movement in your body. The body then is an emergence of the Deep or the Unseen. Now, when you speak to another there is a conveyance of that emergence of Being knowing forming . It is always Now. In that moment you are knowing the embodiment of what you know to be true and it is YOU. 

 It has nothing to do with sex. With intimacy? Oh yes!  Embodied? Oh yes...The moment of embodiment IS the expression of the deeper. There is flowering within the Consciousness and flowering within the body. It is a garden! You realise there is no separation.