From the June 2017 Teacher Livestream

"When we are on retreat, what happens is, what I am as a Being calls and opens up the levels of your own Being. You might see me as a body but really I am a body of Being and you might believe that you have a separate experience but you are having the experience of the Beingness embodied.  On retreat you notice that what makes a retreat so amazing is that we open up as one Being in one body, forming and moving.  Instead of joining others as bodies we move into each other's realisation of Being. We become a deeper movement of a powerful Being and it is embodied; not several bodies but one body of movement as you and I as embodiment of Being on the level of humanness. 

It utterly changes our vocabulary of how we look at each other, certainly when we are truly interested in the depth of the possibilities of deeper awakening. When you are talking in terms of Truth or Love or any form of deeper knowledge and saying: "I get that” , this is still you holding away from the Beingness that the other is in.  There are still two there. The new level that you are all invited to , in fact the entire planet is invited to, is no longer "I get that" but "move into that “, into the Beingness that the seeming other is in. Move into it, you will not be two beings, you will not be two bodies, you will be the same body of Being moving. It is the end of ‘ otherness', separateness. 

There is no longer someone 'over there' having an experience, it is what 'we are’. It is our capacity to move into the entrance of any being that opens up the deeper level of Being and come into it through that being and there you discover, the opening does not belong to anybody, it is an opening into deeper levels of Being and it has movement of one form. We could call that ‘us'; one embodiment."