The knowing of anything comes from the knowing of Knowing ‘I am the Being of All This’. When you really begin to go into this, Awareness begins to expand and open to the Knower-sphere that is beyond separation. Then the sphere of Knowing reveals the theatre of the separate sense of self and Awareness becomes more opened to knowing Itself.

When Awareness is knowing a deeper Knowing but is still distracted by, or pulled towards the discomfort or agitation of a level of self, you close down the knowledge of the deeper Knowing to see what it is that is agitating this sense of ‘me’ that doesn’t actually exist. Awareness is focused on ‘Why I feel agitated?’ and not moved to 'How is it that I know this moment of Knowing?’, which pulls you deeper. Is this known through a separate sense of self or is this known deeper than the someone you believe yourself to be? Is this One, who is the subjective Knower of an object, deeper than a subject called me? Is there a deeper centre of 'I' that is knowing this? 

That pulls Awareness into deeper Knowing. Abide in that Knowing, because that Knowing is the 'I' that is knowing the form ‘I Am’. I Am is the totality of all that one could observe; all forms are known by Knowing, which makes all form one form of movement of the Knowing: 'I am That I Am'.

The Knowing gets deeper, beyond an 'I'. You lose the sense of I. Stay with 'I Am' first, that’s your first deep seat, your first depth of real clarity, real deeper belonging to your eternal nature.

India Retreat 2017