It is very clear that this body is made of patterns. The universe is made of patterns and it is all sewn together. Your body pattern had to change from when it was a fetus, to a baby to an adult. New patterns of consciousness are created when we begin to truly know our own light and endeavour to live that knowing in our actions. This literally begins to undo those old patterns because they are the energy that we need to use to create the new cloth.

In the undoing of patterns, we may feel at times that we have ‘gone backwards’. Going back is not a bad thing. Going back literally means that there was something that had greater value back there that you were not able to see at that time. So if we think we have gone back, just have a look there. There is probably more back there then you saw and it is actually of value to your new life.  When we have a look there will be a door to a profounder place that was previously missed.

That is all a pattern is. It just calls us back to open it up and see what was really there. The pattern might scream ‘pain’, ‘problem’, ‘this or that’, because it has to give you the energy and the shape of what it is. What it is actually asking for is for love to bring it home. Patterns are not a problem but they have to be seen from a higher perspective. So where ever one steps back to, there is a door there for you go further than where you've currently reached. This will be known from ones deeper interior and it will have an effect on one’s more profound outer creating a marriage between them.

Slowly slowly, we create less and less forms of distraction and more forms of love that begin to give us an entrance to a deeper place inside. The deeper one goes inside, the greater the ability to create that in form. The more that is created in form, the deeper that will be able to take you inside and there will be no difference between inside and outside. That is the process of evolution!

In evolution what we are all learning is unless you respond to what you are knowing fully, then we miss the mark of being what that is. So there is no meeting and it seems to go, but that is because we are not allowing it to be us. The moment you are in the same frequency of openness that it is, it flows into you. This is why it is very real and important to not just put any egoic self consideration under the carpet. We need to be aware of it and let it rise in consciousness to be seen and experienced because each moment is a moment of self development as consciousness.

Only as much arises in experience as one can match with surrendered-ness; the new light of knowing. Only as much patterning arises in one’s life as you can respond to from what you know is true in your heart.  Then your response to that knowing, matches the light that brought up the patterning in the first place to be transformed into a totally new expression. That is why we cannot deny the ego; deny it  and it moves us from the unconscious. The whole process is to dis-identify with the mental, emotional and physical forms and recognise the light of love to be our self, which then brightly begins to shine through all of the form. It is our Being.

When we begin to consciously evolve, in any moment we need to remember that whatever is arising is also a sign of a new light of awareness coming in, through our own conscious development. It is not a doing of transformation. It is a continuum of response to an ever growing awareness and consciousness and that has the power to transform effortlessly but only through our real response.  So the moment we match the frequency of experience and our real response regardless of feeling or thoughts, we are literally flowing as a Being who is becoming, creating new forms of relationship and expression as the light of consciousness and awareness. YOU ARE DOING IT!