You cannot have any need to hitch up your trailer of life - your trailer of life being everything that you have been collecting. Begin to see that! You have to unhitch the trailer right now and see that you have no need to take anything that you have discovered here, with you. You can unhitch all those trailers right now by beginning to understand that when you have been in sync with what you already are, there is no need for a trailer ~ the trailer you are pulling along trying to get things right; the trying to understand life through what you once did or knew, instead of the radiance of your already radiant heart.

There is not a thing in creation that is not a radiant heart. Everything IS already radiant in the heart of radiant Self. Reality is already here, and who is bringing it? ‘I’ am. ‘I’, that one who is listening to this IS the radiant heart, so why do you need trailers? All you need to recognise is the already radiant heart of the one Self that is listening now. The entire universe is radiant already in your heart but you are trying to understand what you already are through events in space and time, through thoughts and feelings.

The fundamental teaching here and within the practice of The Form is to recognise what already IS radiantly free, complete and whole. The innermost you already IS That. You have no need to seek it; you only have to recognise it.

The Form and this teaching are teaching you to unhitch your trailer constantly. Your trailer is draining your juice when you are not realising that your free heart is already radiantly itself. Before anything ever happens, that’s what ‘I’ am. The practice is to constantly see: That is what ‘I’ am - no matter what thoughts, feelings or anything that takes place, ‘I’ am already That. Unhitch your trailers. Stop trailing them around; stop parking them up. Scrap them; dissolve them!

From this place, the only way that your trailer has served you, is through its pain, through this idea that you need a trailer to understand who you are. You are already who you are; just let go of those trailers. Do not trail this retreat around. Do not even take this retreat with you; take with you the essential message; take with you the truth of what we have been looking into: ‘I’ am already That. Keep bringing your whole attention into That, not to discover in some future event, but to recognise That constantly. Then what begins to happen is the radiance of what already is grace.

Grace is existence as you come alive in your own love light; come alive as that radiance, because you are not draining everything waiting for life to happen. You are recognising that the conditionality of humanity at the moment is absolutely unreal. You can now take that leap and begin to practice the acknowledgment of ‘I am already the radiant heart’ without needing a thought about it, without the need to feel it, without the need to understand. Just the recognition of it and obviously the response to the recognition, is the living of it. There is no other place you can do this; you can do this NOW.