You and I are at the stage of development where we have individuated, we have consciousness and a certain command of things.  We have a certain power over energy and over forms. However, in the main we use that energy and that power in self-concern.

We worry about paying the bills, how to get the kids to school or that someone could leave us.  We are not the experience of happiness, or the joy that we really are.  Although we are seemingly free, we are not.  Although we are privileged we cause ourselves suffering.

There is the use of consciousness and there is the use of power. The use of power is to sustain a separate sense of self.  We give help here and there but in the main the energy we have individuated with is still narcissism.  We are holding the space here for our 'self'. We are rooted in narcissism even though we are endeavouring to be free of it.  We let the barriers down on occasion, but run back to self-protection the moment a pattern arises. We listen to the pattern instead of listening to our light.  

You can be 'free' but what are you doing with your freedom?  Are you creating more suffering for yourself?  Are you creating more pain for yourself?  Are you creating more pain for those around you who are also experts in narcissism?  Are you keeping everything to yourself?  

There is no judgment in this, only the endeavour to get to the root of it all.  In this, real freedom can take place for all beings, not just for the narcissistic ‘me’.  Our freedom liberates not only us but all beings.  That is the whole point of existence.  When one frees oneself, the very natural flow is to free others.  Not as something, that is done willfully, but as a natural arising of the one impulse we all are, to free all human beings.

If there is self- judgment, just let that go and see the truth.  If you continue to see the truth and you come back to your knowing, growth takes place, expansion takes place.   When you stay in knowingness, your freedom starts to live for all of humanity.  Your freedom starts to live for all beings.  This is the next stage of you being free.