Until we all learn to fully embody in fullness, that is; all experience is allowed to go totally through and is fully expressed, we do not move into infinity. We stay in the finite self-centred pictures of egoity of who we think we are. We have infinite potential, infinite expression, infinite light available to come through the body to continually ignite it, free it and completely allow it all the way through. We can allow HE, the utter masculine power of pure consciousness to hold that space. That is pure being. But for that to happen consciously, consciousness has response-ability to undo the patterns that we made to create our individualised self.  We knew that the ‘I’ we/the ‘we’ I created bodies that have to be patterned and that those patterns would have to be constantly refined  to eternity. What I am is infinite. Therefore forms are created to infinitely express what I am. This is alpha and omega. When we hold on as consciousness in a lower mind energy of self-identity, we are not the expansion of consciousness, we are not the unlimited being of the one Self. 
Over billions of years species have changed because consciousness knows what it is doing. It is exactly the same in the human form, and because consciousness as human form has self reflective capacity, we have the power to change form into what we are as consciousness. This is the true face of God. So when consciousness gets really honest to itself, pulls itself out of its separate-sense ideas and returns itself to pure awareness each and every moment, it has the power to change form. It has the power, because SHE, pure feminine is doing it. SHE is the will of the Most High. SHE does what the Most High wants. This is what you are learning. You are learning through real conscious, still movement and opening to allow everything to go through.
All is consciousness flowing through, and as it flows through it touches your patterns. Those patterns respond. The pattern responding right now is the body. The earth and all the planets moving around the sun are responding in a patterned way. Everything is responding in a patterned way to the One. This is the same in us. We are endless stream of life or light. It is really what we are with no pattern - pure consciousness. Then it touches the pattern of the forms and the forms respond to the touch. But we as consciousness - when the forms in their patterning respond to the touch - have to transform the opening of that pattern to a finer one. If we do not, the pattern remains the same.
The possibility is that in every moment you are beautifully self transcending. All then turns into light in the darkness of your being. So we patiently and whole heartedly embrace the moment and embrace the whole life, feeling it completely but we see from the core and the truth of our being and that evolves any pattern back into the place of light, truth and one love-constantly growing and evolving.
You are here to give form to what you truly are. But until you start to master the forms within you from the heart space of your true divinity, you will keep getting mixed up with the patterning in the body-mind identity when it expresses as you. But all it is expressing is the code that was created to serve a particular time-space. When it has served that particular time space and you have consciously integrated what that is, that pattern has to be transcended and transformed. This is what consciousness is constantly doing in the universe already. You and I are endeavouring to be as that One in individualised form.
It is a very fine fragile thing that we are speaking of.  You take one step, you know it, see it, transcend the egoity of it and integrate that knowledge. Then take the next step. You know it, see it, transcend the egoity of it and you deepen the next step and that’s what you do until its flow from your authentic being is just happening ... The pulse that is creating the universe as both pure masculine and feminine that is the already unified  supreme light of consciousness.