There are many ways to God. I’m going to point to two initially and then I will speak about another, which I refer to as ‘my way’.

The first way is very simple: Nothing outside of you is real. Only the consciousness that is seeing the objects is real. ‘I’ who am seeing and knowing am That, free of all forms. This is in you: ‘I’ am That that does not pass away. Right now ‘I am’ is the only place that you can say is constantly real. I am. For instance, this evening will definitely pass away. There is experience ‘now’ and that experience will pass away. What never passes away is the knower of all experience who is beyond all experience.

You had experience 10 years ago, 5 years ago – that experience passed away. You will have experience - if the body is still alive - tomorrow, 5 years time – it will all pass away. What does not ever pass away is the knower of all experience who is beyond all experience. It is the ‘I am’. The ‘I am’, remains beyond all experience. It is unaffected by what constantly passes away.
You can realise the Self by looking at a wall, realise that which does not pass away. That is one way; that is the Masculine.

The second way says: Everything that could possibly exist is what I am. Everything, without exclusion, that ever happens in existence – good, bad or ugly - is what I am. I am the constant movement of all things. I am the All - I am everything. If you were to embrace all movement, you could realise beyond your body-mind identity that you are love.

That is the Feminine. The realization of God through all that is - forms of light, forms of energy, forms of manifest - is the feminine realm.

What I see as ‘my’ way brings the two ways – Masculine and Feminine - together.
I am nothing, AND I am everything. I am everything, yet I am the pure consciousness that pervades everything as nothing. I am free of all movement, free of all energy, free of all forms, and free of all experience. I am That, as nothing. I am everything that moves. I am everything that flowers. I am every planet, every star; every drop of water, every mountain, every tree – everyone. Both in the senses and until the finest tip of golden light – I am That.

When you put these two together you have a real human being. One who is evolving in a profound and vertical way of consciousness; ever deepening, ever clear and ever direct in what is taking place; coming from nowhere and going to nowhere and yet with profound direction and vision in a human life.

I am that profound vision and direction, appearing as the profound opening of light, radiating as love, expanding the universe in greater forms, on every level. The masculine and feminine way is the adventure of the universe – that is the destiny of every man and woman. To evolve consciousness, to evolve humanity, to evolve relationship; by the way we clearly see where we are going; where we dive into the deep beyond body mind identity. Here we come upon seeds of beautiful reality and we bring them into ourselves. That transforms our selves and invites us to expand the universe in what we do and how we live. We literally become real creators, loving creators, autonomous creators where we individually and collectively create a new human being; where we create a new man and woman, a new humanity and a new culture. We do it from exploring what we are in the deep and lovingly moving forward into creation, dissolving our egoic distractions from our deep heart soul light, that pulses forward into existence to make everything into love, into light and into profound creativity for all human beings.

This picture that I painted has no need of past. It has no need of personal history but that does not mean it denies the person, or denies the smallest self. It actually encompasses the smaller self and the person in a dynamic exchange and interaction. That clearly changes the self, this personal self. It changes this personal person that we are with the loving light of our original state. You and I can become great lovers of our self, the self that used to cause pain and distraction; the self that can torment you.

You can truly see that self is an instrument of your divine identity. When you really come upon that you begin to love yourself. Then there is no need to change that self, as something you do with a stick or with a kick. You begin to understand the whole purpose of having a self.

To me the self is a paint-box of opportunity - where the colours have to be kept bright and alive by you and I as divine consciousness showing ourselves who I am.