Isn’t life the simple realisation that I am That? It is not an ‘if’. It is I am That, clearly - then there is ‘I’ that is That and there is the self that I can know. Do you follow? Then you have cognised something that will not disappear – the ‘I’ that sees. The ‘I’ knows it has a self and the ‘I’ knows that there is something in the self-structure. If you get caught with your ‘I’ in that self-structure and you believe that is what you are, your real seeing has disappeared.

What you are learning is clear, clean detachment of the self-structures that are constantly yakking away. You are letting them yak, but are having nothing to do with them. It is a profound practice that you begin to live. When you catch yourself as ‘I’, listening to what they have to say and being them, you simply throw the switch and come back to what you know to be true. That is what you keep doing and you will become more and more alive as what that ‘I’ is. But if you try and work out by identifying with what your self-structures have to say, you will be in the constant coming and going of things. Your mind will keep coming and going, your emotion will keep coming and going, but you are That that does not come and go. Do you follow?

What you are actually showing yourself is that you are realising your destiny. You are realising your destiny because you are realising how to awaken. That is literally what is taking place; you are awakening to your interior, the one that keeps yakking. That is your interior; that is your self-structure. Your self-structure is really void. That is what you want to do with it; you want to make it void, empty. Because it is your self-structure that is your potential, infinite potential of what you first are. That is what you are learning. When you keep listening to it, it does not become empty, void or full of what it really is, which is the real you.

Your destiny is firstly to recognise what you first are, then give profound form to what you first are. You do not give form to it in as you would have done as a person and strive for it. You see clearly That is what I am and it just begins to happen. It happens more naturally. It manifests as opportunities that spring from another person’s mouth; it manifests as opportunities that ignite your mind and your heart. You begin to clean up your self-structure that is going to make all this possible. You begin to clean it up by not identifying with it any more. You are able to go into that self-structure and not get mixed up with it. You learn to love your self-structure; you love it and that is what brings it home. If you identify with it, you will be identifying in good or bad. If you are clearly seeing what you are really, it will begin to happen very naturally. All the pulls and pushes of that self-structure will disappear in the light of you igniting yourself.

Your destiny is to enlighten your self-structure – through listening to the apex of your experience. What is your highest knowing? Your highest knowing is “THIS” - then the apex becomes your majesty. Everything becomes majestic because you are being and acknowledging the highest in you. It is not that you are suddenly ignoring the lower nature, you are enlightening it. That is a different matter.