When you look into the bathroom mirror you expect to see someone there. You! Or at least who you "think" you are. What kind of experience that will be is according to the "structure" of thought one is projecting or is arising.

The truth is, when you look into the bathroom mirror, you do not see "you" but a form of "you”, for you are "awareness".

Only the awareness "is" you, unmoved, the consciousness is moving, evolving, both as light and form. That consciousness is the "real you".

It's scary to look into the bathroom mirror and not see anyone there, but that’s what’s happening to so many people I speak to now, only they don't understand what is really taking place. In fact it scares the living daylights out of them, because their consciousness is opening to the empty, formless ground of all being, nothing "known" or "past" in there, bottomless! Their minds are still looking for the known character, the "safe" person, the one with all its doubts, fears, limitations and expectations.

The process of profound awakening to the deep and evolving consciousness, unfolds as the experience of dis-identification with all past forms or structures as having anything to do with your true identity (which is no identity at all), which is formless or emptiness.  Emptiness being the true bliss state of pure being!
So why can't "we" let go into that bliss if it's so pure, so real?
Because, our ideas and ideals (idols) that we cling to, seem to give us more security than the true knowledge that exists in the core of our hearts, that we are selfless eternal creators with no beginning and no end.

We cling to a personal structure, our notion of reality, kidding ourselves it's real, whilst we hold tight and use all our energy to cover the pain, isolation and desolation of not "living" what we first are, empty fullness, freedom itself! Thrilling!

The future is "empty", awaiting consciousness to create it!

With its original face, consciousness speaks the primal word of real creation: "Yes"!

With its original feet, consciousness walks the edge, the line of evolving itself and its forms.

With its original hands, consciousness constructs new levels of understanding and selfhood of true heart resonance into thrilling forms of communion, conversation and creativity!

With its original eye, consciousness sees the future cosmos and creates it, never repeating itself, always dissolving itself, always redefining itself.

No matter how uncomfortable experiences become, conscious awareness moves ever deeper into awareness and ever wider into consciousness, expressing new forms as real communication of "what God is".

Are you a pioneer of consciousness?