What is the resonance that called you here? Does that resonance have a self? Does it have your birth date or your telephone number? Does it have any identity whatsoever?

The resonance that I am pointing to, the resonance that called you here, is the real you. It does not have an address.

To live that resonance is freedom; to live that is to taste something vast.

To live that is what you are and in what you do IT is becoming - creating with no past, with excitement, beauty and wonder. But that is challenging to those parts of your self that do not know what is truly here.

True resonance is alien to the self that you are familiar with. You can see that in your own self and in the world, in different cultural selves - one is alien to the other. But the resonance of any true calling has nothing to do with your separate sense self. You will not be able to discover what true resonance is, or function from it, from your history or past projection. You will not be able to function from it from any address; it would be a threat to you.

It is like the caterpillar and the butterfly.. How different is a caterpillar spun into a cocoon to something that can fly like a butterfly? How different can you get?

The caterpillar has these little ‘imaginal cells’ that are dreaming of a new life - pure images of a new life to be lived, coming from a resonance of a place beyond. But even in the caterpillar, existing cells try to destroy the new cells because they are alien. They are not part of  what had to be lived through – or so it seemed. But these imaginal cells persist. They win over.

They create a whole new beautiful life of flight.

In the same manner, in your life, when you touch on that new resonance, when you quite clearly begin to see the difference between the new way of being that is coming in and the old way, you discover true discernment of choice in that moment. The new resonance actually has nothing to do with the way that you are being now. It is an utterly new invitation - nothing to do with the self that you are currently wearing. On a lower level, that is terrifying to the intelligence rooted in egoity and self separation, and not in the divine calling to become. 

But you have the intelligence to make the bridge.

When the new resonance is here and you keep on resonating with it, it grows stronger. In that power you are able to transform, just like the caterpillar, into a celestial being, capable of unimaginable things. In this life, in this universe, that is what you are. You are the One that is creating the self space to make creation possible.
To grow is to feel the resonance fully, to let the resonance have you, giving yourself to it completely. If there is process in that, it is to allow that process to be part of the claiming of that resonance and the bringing up of old forms to that new resonance. 

I would say that in true discernment, commitment and devotion to constantly identifying with the higher resonance within, it becomes easy to allow yourself to fly, easy to allow yourself to trust and to move into that place.

Discernment, right life practice and knowing One Self are the keys to allow that resonance to claim you and to be you utterly.

When you really begin to commit to that authentic resonance you discover it has  a multi-dimensional nature. There is no end to the discovery of self love, self intimacy and sharing with other beings.

Everyone of us has the potential to manifest what that resonance is but first it takes a profound acknowledgement of your commitment to self transformation, self exploration and self integration on an ever deepening levels. You must make a profound commitment to your heart. Without that you will continually fragment - because you will believe there is ‘other’ self outside of you, not the one Self that is here right now.

You need the material of love and compassion and a different kind of drive to exist for that. You must be clear; I do not exist for selfishness any more. You are inspired to love. You are inspired to create as ‘we’, with inspired individuals that have a growing recognition of our soul unending light. Then this world, this universe becomes an adventure instead of dullness and dryness. There is brightness, juiciness and real expectation of the new in union with others. You have to turn into the new resonance utterly for it to empower and grow you.