When you truly begin to love the ‘nothing’ that you come from and you begin to serve that ‘nothing’ in terms of serving your God-essence, you serve humanity. ‘Nothing’ inside registers in the mind as absolutely nothing. In the soul it registers as a finer knowing of eternity. You begin to know something about this place that you connect with, not as a human being but as consciousness, feeling contained in something but not knowing what that is. Your attention begins to be drawn inside rather out, letting go of current forms, looking into what is animating and changing those forms constantly from the true will. Then it is just a question of whether you allow yourself to be nurtured by this knowing and respond to it as action in life.

Responding to your knowing is going to change your perception of all life. In truth you are a Universal Being expanding as light, love and life’s direction, therefore in responding to knowing, nothing will remain the same; everything you touch will transform. If you are attached to a known life, you will not touch this place that I am speaking of. Even if you touch this unseen place, you will not move with it unless you have a profound love of God and the intention for your life to serve life.

You can be a millennium just thinking about this knowing rather than responding to it.

As knowing moves in an action it is being integrated into the life of a human being. Then you have living knowingness; a living Being starts to arise. You, as a Being appearing human, have access to your Self. There is an expansion inside and outside. You are no longer contained; you are beginning to be uncontainable. Any containment you may feel is the holding on to a personal life that is being threatened by the opening of this uncontainable place. This uncontainable place is the Self. Evolution occurs as your Self takes back the containment of your self. Through evolution your self becomes the real Self.

Little by little; by puddle, drip, flood and storm, you give your self back to your real Self, gently surrendering every part of you, piece by piece, with no pressure. It is an offering. More of the Self begins to flow into your self and more of your self begins to flow into the Self. Inner and outer slowly but truly begin to be One. Where there was three: Self, my self, ego, now there is two: Self, and my self surrendering to Self. Eventually there will be one: ‘I’, the real One, flowing into expression, enlightening the self, enlightening the person, enlightening the environment, growing and expanding the universe of my Self, selflessly. The Self is loving you or transforming you. Really it is you, the real you, transforming the self.

Transformation takes place in your enjoyment of being captured and captivated by the real. It is so enjoyable to allow the Self to claim you, your form and your forms of light, mind and expression, making them all real. At times this enjoyment seems to stop and you may say ”Where is it?”. It appears to be gone. “Can I get it again?” you ask. Then you become full of mind; you try to use mind to find the enjoyment. When the use of mind does not reveal it, you get emotional. You become full of mind and emotionally fired. You move to get what you once did not get but it got you!

If you are wise, you learn to relax the mind and emotional body. You learn not to try to find the enjoyment but to practice openness - so it (the Self) may come and claim you once again. It cannot claim you while you are closed. You cannot buy anything in a shop if it is closed. You cannot get in. If you want everything in you to be collected and made pure, you have to be open. What does that mean? It means whatever takes place you must not close.

As you learn to remain open no matter what, you get invited into profound love - the experience of what It is in the deep and Its experience of Its manifest form. You are invited to that huge, unbelievable no beginning/no end party of forms formlessly organising themselves as great love and companionship, as a wonderful life of limitless manifestation. It is like a vast table where everything is laid out - the table representing the living forms of this great love. It is just a question of whether you will come to it and if you will live it. Unless your gifts are on the table, unless you are living these gifts, they never get eaten and enjoyed. You must live these gifts fully.

Everyone who is invited to the divine table has the potential of living and embodying this great love, of integrating it in their direct experience. Yet there is one thing you must be clear about. When you come to this great love all the old scraps on the divine table get taken away. All that you once gave energy to is taken – for it no longer serves the place you are reaching into. It has served its purpose. It goes back to where it came from; to create new energy with no conditioning in it; to come back up as a new life. If you are not clear about the need for complete surrender, those scraps on the table will begin to identify newness from a past perception; attachment will happen. If you begin to check out whether it is safe for you as a person, you stay identified with current forms and not with what is coming towards you from the Source.
You have to make way for a deeper light and clearer vibration to manifest here.

If you are not in the profound practice of knowing what reality is and allowing yourself to be pierced by it, you will fear moving into this unknown place. You will begin to bullshit yourself; you will be some kind of spiritual man or woman playing the game of knowing a finer way but not living that fineness in manifestation. Then your self is still in the game. Your self will be sucking on this old space whilst you are endeavouring to manifest the new, so you will constantly fall over. The Self keeps drawing you back into the light. It does that constantly; drawing you to be as It is.

The light is drawing you to be that light; to be that love; to be that vast; to be that brilliant. The light is teaching you to be selfless. When It draws everything up inside and transformation is happening before your very eyes, It will start to change everything outside too. This does not mean that external forms will transform immediately - because we have individualised will. People will still see you (to the degree they do) as you once were. Not only that, the world will stay the same, until ‘I’ get into it and transform it from my light within, just as I am doing inside. The current culture will remain until ‘I’ come into the culture and change it from within the culture, just as I am changing the self in my Self.

As you allow this dissolution, you begin see the world anew; you see how it all functions. You begin to have the intelligence (and it will keep growing) to see how past, present and future work. You allow your being to draw you into making choices from It and not from your past patterning. What is evolving here is the whole of humanity and it is the Source evolving it. The discovery of this is a power of love and depth of truth that you have never experienced before. As you begin to live your knowing, you experience how to reach the sacred and the profound in yourself and in ‘other’. The Self, that that has no beginning and no ending in ‘us’, begins to be known in ever evolving form.