“We are all far, far more than our body-mind can describe. At the core of us all exists a jewel, a profound light that is creating the universe. It is untouched by any experience and yet one touch of it creates the experience of the universe. Stars shine, planets sing, forms dance and the Invisible becomes visible, tangible in its ecstatic realisation of Itself.

At the heart of The Form Reality Practice this innermost Reality can be discovered. Give it all of your heart, all of your body, all of your mind. Give your ALL in your sharing with others in life and Great Love will emerge as YOU.

The Form in its practice will unfold in you and open a meaningful life of Love, abundance of the spirit, great passion and compassion for All of Life.  It is a vehicle of profound value and it awaits you to embrace it and emerge as a new universal human being. One, who will give all their gifts for all beings to be free and know the Greatness of this life of Love that we are here to evolve and co create ; One with Source.”


Question: I have been practicing meditation since I was young and that meditation form uses Mantra as a vehicle to go deep. My question is: Is the movement the vehicle in the Form?

B: Is the movement the vehicle? No, it's the frequency that moves The Form, the frequency that we move in, forms the form of the movement.

When one sings a Mantra, the Mantra is the form of a frequency that is MORE than the Mantra. That is the same as saying: your body is a Mantra-form of what you really are in your Divine Presence . What you, what we are in our Presence is animating , creating , moving the body. But this body is only one of your bodies.

This is the microcosm of the macrocosm of your enormous great body, which is the Universe. The Universe is your real body.

This body is just one body in the Universal Body.

You move your hands and the Universe moves…What you are is manifesting and moving the Universe - in the deep of what you truly are. This human life is a mini-form of your large movement of the Universe.

So your body is the form of the Mantra, your life is its song but YOU are the Power that is manifesting and moving it. The Mantra just puts you back in touch with what you are at Essence .

So believe first what you are knowing at the Heart. That Knowing is believing that you are eternal - because you are!

But you must live that manner - you must live in the way of the Eternal.. How do you do that? By simply being true to the depth of your heart.

That's all! That will form a different kind of life. That kind of life matches the movement of the Universe and its Source.