We must develop our self from knowledge deep within, it just takes a moment to bring full awareness to our real knowledge of "Truth" and to speak and act from that placeless place.
If we don't our hearts harden and close and become calloused. We carry around with us the pain of separation that we've never dealt with before. The callouses are there to protect our experiencing more pain, which actually creates more pain: a pain that is pushed down into our bodies, manipulating our actions in the shadows. To keep this pain down, away from our direct experience, we use all our energy to protect it from being seen, which of course hardens the heart even more and our life is then lived full of separation.

To develop one's self we must give voice and action to the truth within, that is beyond 'self'.
When we engage truth in such a real manner then it seems like all hell lets loose, like never before. That is because we are going against the self we created in separation, therefore there is a release of this painful energy that we have used to function from in our lives. Unless we know what we are doing this "old self" energy gets projected onto intimate partners, loved ones and our society, not to mention us!

The pain really is unavoidable and most human beings avoid "that" with as much distraction as possible, building a very destructive world built around avoidance of pain; instead of opening the door that pain points to, going through and discovering higher values to live and give.

I/we must let pain heal ourselves by practicing OPENNESS no matter what moves through our experience of mind or feeling. We must give our heart fully open no matter what our "self" experience is.
We must reach deep within and be willing to reach each other all the way out.
Right or wrong must go out the window and be replaced with dedication to being true to Self Knowledge. This alone develops the self and opens the heart for us all to be able to cease projecting and self protecting, and be here in this life responding to truth knowledge within, from a ever softer heart opening. This allows us to see things with clarity and tenderness, with a response that connects us with each other despite the old self dying in the process.

Reach each other despite the patterns of self, reach into every relationship awakening the heart to the fullness of being true. Give, give, give, let your heart show no matter how your self feels! This alone transforms self which we come into the experience of once the flames of purification have burned.

This is you being the Heart body of the Universe awakening as that in human form!