• Ohinetahi Retreat (map)
  • 30 Teddington Rd, Governors Bay
  • Christchurch
  • New Zealand

Living Your Being Into Form

A Course in Integrated Being

Join B at home in New Zealand for five life-changing days of awakening. This course will be a  deeper discovery of the meaning of human existence, opening the entrance into greater realisation that life supplies in every moment and its application in daily living. 

Every aspect of human experience including personal relationships, work, sexuality and global awakening will be touched upon in an ongoing deepening integration. The Form Reality Practice will be an essential part of this course.

"You have come because your Heart is called to deeper realisation and you are interested in your Real Mystery. You have come to discover your True Face, your True Heart and your True Self that you did not ever leave, cannot leave, which is the only Reality that makes anything real."

Contact Christiane: +64 21 293 6706 or info@bernieprior.org

The Form Reality Practice

B is the originator of The Form Reality Practice, a powerful movement practice that is the living embodiment and transmission of realisation. The Form will be an essential part of this retreat in the deeper discovery of the Meaning of human existence and discovering the entrance into greater realisation that life supplies in every moment and its application in daily living.

A Day on Retreat

Every retreat with B unfolds in its own unique rhythm – a typical day has three sometimes four sessions and a break at lunch with plenty of time to enjoy, to explore and commune as you deepen in the heart.

The Crater Rim Walkway offers stunning views of the bay.

The Crater Rim Walkway offers stunning views of the bay.

This retreat will begin with registration from 4pm on Tuesday 6th December. The first meeting with B will be before dinner.

Venue & Location

The retreat will be at Ohinetahi Retreat Centre: B's home and international centre of operations for the Bernie Prior Foundation. The Centre is situated in Governors Bay on the Banks Peninsula backed by hills at the head of the natural harbour of Lyttelton, a 20 minute drive from Christchurch.

The retreat will be held on-site with accommodation nearby in the local village of Governors Bay.

More about Ohinetahi Retreat and the surrounding area...

The Form Teacher Training

Over the duration of the retreat, you will be introduced to parts of the The Form Reality Practice. Please note that on this 5 day retreat the entire sequence of The Form will not be taught. After the Retreat, you have the opportunity to attend the entry level course in teaching The Form. More Information


A Tui in the Flax

A Tui in the Flax

Retreat Cost: $1300
All prices include GST of 15%

• Daily meetings with B
• Learning/Deepening through The Form Reality Practice
• Twin share accommodation provided locally in the village B&Bs (single upgrade available on request)
• All Meals catered by She Universe Café (B's own café in the village)
• Free village shuttle runs to café etc

Airport Pick ups can be arranged on request for a small fee. We recommend you consider hiring a car for your stay. Ohinetahi Retreat Centre is in a rural location and having your own car will give you added mobility.

$295 The Form Teacher Training:
• Two nights accommodation
• All meals and final breakfast on Dec 13

Please note: It is a prerequisite to this course to have previously learned all five parts of The Form sequence.


If you have any further questions about the New Zealand Retreat, retreats with B in general or if would like to speak with one of our team contact: Christiane: +64 21 293 6706 or info@bernieprior.org

Native Kowhai Flowers

Native Kowhai Flowers

'Keruru' - native wood pigeon

'Keruru' - native wood pigeon

From Participants of a Recent Retreat...

"This has been a retreat of incredible depth - sweet profound intensity and depth-days of Pure Love I felt a vast space open, a space of infinite delicacy and tenderness. I now know behind the patterns, behind emotions and thoughts a space from which all things arise. The world can now no longer be seen and met on the surface but only in and as the Heart."
Sonia, Italy

"I am knowing that Awareness streams through this body from the infinite. I am knowing realms of Reality beyond this body. Nature reveals my Beingness, opens my heart to greater depths. I see beyond this personal life, this body, this humanity , all is in the stream of the infinite One. I am knowing the stream of change on many levels opening up, walking through the open door B’s unending Love. The direct transmission of Truth and Love holds us in the arms of the Divine Consciousness with such grace and humour."
Tere, UK

"I know I know. Awareness -  open softness. Love for my self and all in the Universe. B teaches with incredible Love and honesty and also so much humour. I just love his teaching."
Monica, Norway

"I learned staying in my heart, receiving in the heart, communicating with the heart. Everything my eyes beheld taught me things beyond words. We are limitless beings beyond body, we were born in different places with names for this lifetime, and we met regardless of gender, age, and occupation.  I am grateful for the precious time we shared together. Receiving the Form, dancing the Form, I as an individual disappear. Beyond time and space, I become a part of quiet and soft movement, and I feel the breath and pulse of the Universe. Nothing is there, but I am connected with everything. The Form takes me to beautiful quietness that is nothing but love."
Saki, Japan

Ohinetahi Valley looking up to the peaks of the Seven Sisters

Ohinetahi Valley looking up to the peaks of the Seven Sisters