• She Universe Cafe (map)
  • 79 Main Rd Governors Bay
  • Christchurch
  • New Zealand

The Manifestation of Heart in Everyday Living

B is an internationally renowned teacher in Human Potential, whose life is dedicated to the awakening of humanity to its highest possibility of Love and Creativity. B is the Originator of The Form Reality Practice. 'The Form' is a pure and powerful tool to manifest and support your awakening to extra-ordinariness.

This evening is an invitation to discover and live more of what you deeply know is possible in YOUR Life.

B travels the world extensively throughout the year holding talks andresidential retreats and when at home in New Zealand, you might find him in the She Universe garden tending to the fish,  creating new dynamic art pieces or the latest chocolate displays.

Contact Christiane: +64 21 293 6706 or info@bernieprior.org

Your Home is your Heart. Discover how deep it goes. 
Your Home is your Heart. To where does it lead? 
Your Home is your Heart. What would you give for it to manifest?