The Form Teacher Training

Transitioning to and Deepening in Teaching The Form Reality Practice

The Invitation

Dancing The Form under the Cretan sky.

The calling to become a Form teacher is an invitation to deepen further in B’s teaching. The Form Teacher Training Programs run during selected Form Retreats, ending with a full Teacher Training Day. All retreat participants are eligible to join these trainings.

About The Programme

During the Retreat you have the opportunity to join the entry level course for transitioning to and deepening in teaching The Form. You will have learned The Form Parts 1-5 on the retreat which is a pre-requisite to join this program.

This course is first step of an ongoing profound commitment which will continuously evolve your life and the lives of those you teach. All accredited teachers are actively engaged in the programme activities. The purpose of the Teaching Programme is to grow the practice and understanding of The Form universally and the embodiment of it in your daily life.

Ongoing commitment of a Form Teacher:

• To attend a The Form Parts 1-5 Retreat with B Prior Foundation every second year.

• For new teachers, participation on any online new teacher program

• To attend one Refresher Course every second year. 

• Active engagement and participation in the ongoing activities of the Teaching Programme. (Most of these activities are online and you will need a computer or access to one.)

• Teaching The Form or actively moving towards becoming an active teacher.

• Payment of the annual membership fee.

For more information about Transitioning to and Deepening in Teaching The Form contact: