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  • 11A Via Monginevro
  • Torino, Piemonte, 10138
  • Italy

Love Without Duality - L’amore senza dualità

20 :00 - 20:45 Salvatore Brizzi interviews B Prior in relation to Love Without Duality .
21:00 - 22:30 Satsang with B -
22:30 - 23:00 Book Signing

Salvatore Brizzi interviews B about his book “ Love Without Duality” in a profound dialogue on the theme of man/ woman, as much in terms of the universal principle of the Masculine/Feminine as their embodiment in daily life.

The interview is followed by an opportunity to further deepen on these themes in satsang with B and a book signing.

“Both man and woman have forgotten who they are; that they are the divine principles that the entire universe manifests from. They think they are men and women but they are profound Consciousness in divine Form in union already, moving the universe, evolving Consciousness and its forms.”

“When you are really called into deeper intimacy,
your life is no longer yours as a separate sense of self.
Your life belongs to truth.
There is no ‘other’ in the true meeting of love.”

B offers a profoundly unique and enlightening perspective on life from the smallest matters that shape our personal lives to the biggest universal questions of human existence.  With compassion, humour and uncompromising clarity, he brings the highest teachings straight to one’s core and into daily life. B's heartful invitation to open to greater Love in all things will ignite your heart and Being from the inside out. No satsang with B is ever the same; you may touch upon any area of Life - relationships, sexuality, children, parenting, work and creativity laying it all at the heart of deeper Knowing Awareness.

All events will be in English with Italian translation.

Enquiries and to book, email: info@danielacastellani.it