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  • 24 Via Luigi Colli
  • Torino, Piemonte, 10129
  • Italy

"THE CALLING" - Infinitely More Than Usual

“We’re not blinded by the light, we are blinded by the known. Your freedom is in the Unknown.”

Weekend Workshop

“Your calling is the draw to the realisation of your unity, to completely marry and dissolve in the apparent opposite force of Masculine and Feminine power, energy and consciousness. That is oneness.”

Saturday 18 May - 15:00 - 18:00 &
Sunday 19 May - 10:00 - 17:00 ( incl. a lunch break)

With compassion, humour and uncompromising clarity, he brings the highest teachings straight to one’s core and into daily life. B's heartful invitation to open to greater Love in all things will ignite your heart and Being from the inside out.

No meeting with B is ever the same; you may touch upon any area of Life - relationships, sexuality, children, parenting, work and creativity laying it all at the heart of deeper Knowing Awareness.
B may introduce elements of The Form Reality Practice during the weekend.

All events will be in English with Italian translation.

For Info and Bookings email Daniela: info@danielacastellani.it