The Calling,

Love Knowing, Moving, Manifesting The Deep


An invitation to join B LIVE online for an interactive video conferenced satsang. Participation is possible from most devices (phones, tablets) with a broadband internet connection.

A profound opportunity to enquire deep, to open as Awareness beyond the one you believe yourself to be. B's ever-present invitation to enter the essence of all things will ignite your heart and Being from the inside out!

"When you get clear that what You are is the Deep, Awareness knowing it knows, that straightens everything. Its movement is a movement of Oneness in that Awareness true to Knowing, Pure Being or Love moves up to the apparent body and this body becomes a universal body of Pure Presencing. In such a vibratory field of living Presence cells within cells within cells begin to match that Presence. This changes the very cells in your body, which actually changes the cells in the universe and the cells in the universe appear as stars, planets, as many different divine forms of reality appearing.

You might be clear that there is a star appearing in the sky, which is the intellect, the divine intellect and it is actually 'You' appearing through the Black, the forming of the Knowing of the movement of the light."