• Ellen Melville Centre, Betty Wark Room (map)
  • 1 Freyberg Place
  • CBD, Auckland 1000
  • New Zealand

Your Home Is Your Heart. Discover
How Deep It goes.

7:00 - 8:30pm

Our heart is the first door to our essential nature but we often don’t understand our heart because we have emotionalised it. When you listen to your heart first, you move in life from a greater depth of Pure Being. It really does not matter what your memories are. Nothing on the exterior governs your life. 
The true value of You is only in your heart. Fully belong to it, listen, commune and communicate as the heart with no concept about what that should look like and every movement in your life will open you to the New for you are the New. You then are no longer concerned about the appearance of any form or another. You begin to be so opened within, that that openness appears on the outside too. 

Your heart is the entrance into what You are in the deep. As you respond to the deep, it answers this moment of life.


Contact minal@bernieprior.org for registration
By Koha (suggested donation min. $5)


“Your Home is your Heart. Discover how deep it goes.
Your Home is your Heart. To where does it lead?
Your Home is your Heart.
What would you give for it to manifest?”