Infinitely More Than Usual

We are not blinded by the light - we are blinded by the known. Your Freedom is in the Unknown.

Join B in Crete for twelve timeless days of revelation and awakening.  You are called infinitely deeper than the familiar. You are called to the pure conductivity that is in the stars, in the birds, in the bees, in each other, in all things. It is already flowing like a river, already shining like a star, already fully alive. Awaken to what You first Are!

Return to Your Heart, parts of you are coming home to be dipped in your gold.  Walk amongst the dualities of life being non-dual. Singularly inspired by The Self. Feel it, it is Here Now. You may laugh and you may also cry, you laugh because this is all a game - there is only God everywhere.

The retreat will be held at Kalypso Cretan Village Resort, our beautiful 'home' on Crete. You will love this amazing location and the wild beauty and ancient mystery of Crete.


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The Form Reality Practice

B is the Originator of The Form Reality Practice, a profound movement of awakening and self-mastery that is the living embodiment and vehicle of everything he points to.  Over the duration of this retreat, you will learn the full five-part sequence of The Form.

If you have learned the movement before, you will discover it anew and further deepen in the practice, for there is no end to this unfolding.

Retreat Participants are eligible to join the Form Teacher Training whilst on this retreat.

When you dance The Form, the core of the silence is the Real You.


The retreat will be held in English.
German, French and Italian translation may be available as required.
For all other nationalities a good level of English language proficiency is advisable.



Full Price | €1995

• Daily meetings with B
• Learning and deepening in The Form Reality Practice.
• All meals
• Twin share/double accommodation in a resort hotel
• Up to two full day excursions (incl. transport)
• Retreat Recording Package sent to your email.

PLEASE NOTE 1: Children and teenagers are welcome on the retreat, provided they are independent or, if smaller, looked after while parents are in retreat sessions. Children are generally not allowed to come into the sessions but the venue space is a very beautiful space for family holidays and there is plenty of things the kids can do while you are in session. Contact if you would like to explore the possibility of bringing your child/ren.

PLEASE NOTE 2: If you are considering booking for Crete Retreat and The Deepening, any additional nights after the Crete Retreat ends ( 1 night if you are doing Teacher Training , 2 nights if you are not doing Teacher Training ) and transport between venues are NOT included in the cost. We will inform you of the cost as soon as they have been established.

The Form Teacher Training

The Form Teacher Training Program will start during the retreat, ending with a full training day on October 10. Retreat Participants who are new to The Form are eligible to join the training as the full sequence of The Form will be taught on retreat.

The Teacher Training finishes at 5pm on Thursday 10th. The cost is €250 , which includes accommodation on the night of Oct 9. You can choose to join the Training just before it commences during the retreat if you are not ready to decide now.

More About The Form Teacher Training…

Our opportunity is always, always, always to breathe the ’non-local’ into the ‘local’. The ‘non-local’ wants to breathe this locality, until every cell is a universe, until every word is cosmic wind, until we see as Light itself, unhindered by the belief  that we were ever born or will die.
Milia Mountain Retreat

The Deepening

11 - 17 October 2019

Following on from the Crete Retreat, there will be a six day deepening journey with B, held in the beautiful Milia Mountain Retreat in the north of Crete. Spaces are limited for this and are available only to Crete Retreat participants.


A Day on Retreat

Every retreat with B unfolds in its own unique rhythm – a typical day has three sometimes four sessions and a break at lunch with plenty of time to enjoy, to explore and commune as you deepen in the heart. The retreat will be held across the whole resort space. There will be sessions in the meeting hall at the highest point of the resort (with a spectacular view of ocean), as well as informal meetings with B in several of the resort’s beautiful outside locations such as the Amphitheatre or the Terrace. There will be spontaneous walks across the cliffs to the nearby beaches and tavernas and there may well be the occasional very early morning or very late night sessions.

In the presence and transmission of B we can only predict the unpredictable!

When you arrive Here, which is Now, everything is possible for you are the impossible made possible in every moment.


Much time on this retreat will be spent outdoors, enjoying all that nature has to offer as our retreat space. There will be walks to nearby beaches and spontaneous outings as well as one to two full day excursions to some of Crete’s beautiful and sacred sites. These are an integral part of the retreat, an opportunity to ground and embody what you are opening to on this journey. The cost for the excursions is included in your booking.



If you have any further questions about the Crete Retreat, retreats with B in general or if would like to speak with one of our team contact:


What The Participants Say...

“There is continuous discovery of what I am in the deep. Opening into profound realisations, in awe and wonder...and then there is always more...there is no floor. I awoke (literally) in the Love that I am and it rose all the way to the surface. Now when patterns, layers of conditioning show themselves they are met with this Love and they dissolve into it, naturally, effortlessly. Amazing!”

-Laura, Ireland

"On this retreat with B I transcended my body and mind. I became pure Love without emotion or attachment – a beautiful still point of consciousness and Being, This has stayed with me and deepened, it is what I am. I now know I'm 'a vibration of Love from the beginning of time'.”

- Bill, UK

“I have such immense gratitude! B’s teaching… to express it? From the start it has been a deep resonance in the body, which moves me and invites me into a sweet tenderness I have never known or experienced before. A softness that gives meaning and sense to any teaching that follows – A way of being that is inspiring not only through words or a sought out truth, but through what is activated in the innermost bringing up tears and tears that many a time have a meaning of their own and to me are just an overflow of a something I can’t name.”

- Yama, Italy