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The Enlightenment of Man and Woman

B’s teaching about Enlightened Partnership, Real Intimacy and the Calling to a Higher Love as men and women of Truth undoes and transcends everything the world has taught us. True Partnership is revealed as the natural evolutionary way for Self-Realisation to land in a living partnership, a profound Calling to realise man and woman are already One inside of each other in the depth of the Heart.

Meetings with B are no ordinary affair; they are an expression of Life’s highest Calling for you to return to Source and to become a vibrant authentic expression of ALL that you are.  Around the world B speaks about Awareness, Consciousness and profound Awakening whilst living in the world. He explores all areas of Life! Relationships, sexuality, work and creativity, children; all brought to an Awakening Heart of Conscious Awareness!

Participants are invited to bring questions of heart-felt concern and relevance in their Life.

All events will be in English with Greek translation.
Please note* Every event with B is unique and it is recommended to attend more or even all events as they become a continuous flow of ever-deeper personal/impersonal revelation. 

Contact: info@bernieprior.org