• Life Alphabet (map)
  • 4 Apollonos, Athens, 105 57

The Form Reality Practice - 3 Hour Workshop
Time: 18:00 - 21:00

B is the originator of The Form Reality Practice, a powerful movement practice that is the living embodiment and transmission of realisation. The Form matches your deep Knowing as Awareness with the movement of your life, giving you unending access to profound Consciousness creating profound forms as the expression of your Being. It speeds up the process of you knowing that you are Divine and entering that place. The Form brings about the awakening of YOU as Awareness-Knowing having a body, having a self, moving Life forward.

On this Workshop B will introduce you to the movement and frequencies of The Form Reality Practice. The Form shows you how to move in relationship with all form and with others in the direction of Oneness and real enlightened Presence. A totally new activation of realised Self! 

Participants are invited to bring questions of heart-felt concern and relevance in their Life.

Venue: Life Alphabet, Apollonos 4 , Syntagma , Athens
Time: 18:00 - 21:00

All events will be in English with Greek translation.

Please note* Every event with B is unique and it is recommended to attend more or even all events as they become a continuous flow of ever-deeper personal/impersonal revelation. 

Contact: info@bernieprior.org