The Calling,

Infinitely More Than Usual

Most of us tend to relate from and as the known, yet we are all dying for the fullness of Love. The fullness of Love requires you to let go of the belief you are a particular someone related to linear events. You are the vertical. Linear events are simply the vertical lying down. Stand up!

A three-day online seminar with B, held over four interactive video sessions. A powerful field of deep, opening enquiry, this seminar is a profound opportunity to move beyond the familiarity of what you believe yourself to be into the spacious openness of What You deeply Are.   

 B's ever-present invitation to enter the Essence of all things will ignite your heart and Being from the inside out!

Participation is possible from most devices (phones, tablets) with a broadband internet connection.

You will receive all session recordings after the seminar.

The more you abide in the heart, you will recognise you arise out of the heart and return to it. Never did you actually leave it. You begin to experience the Presence of What You Are already permeates it ALL.


NB: We are currently investigating some difficulties receiving payments from Sweden and Denmark. If you are having trouble booking please contact

There are three price options for this event:
• Concession price for students and unemployed. Concession pricing is also available to Teachers of The Form and Heart Group Members.
• Standard price of $95
• Support option of $145 if you'd like to further support B’s work

Concession - $45

Standard Cost - $95

Support - $145