• 34 Horsell Road N5 1XP (map)
  • London

Local Contact: Kimaya 07801142000

Join B in Satsang and take the opportunity to bring Greater Awareness to your Life in all its facets from the microcosm of your personal life to the macrocosm of universal existence.

When you fully belong as Awareness profoundly Knowing you merge and move in Pure Being. Now you are a walking transmission of the way of The Eternal Being-Aware.

A movement of Love having profound ongoing entrance into the Deep, giving expression to true forms of Awareness.

 In Truth, your body is NOW; it is not of the past.  It is of the place-less place you, as ‘Awareness-Knowing’ are now deepening into, developing Consciousness and its forms to realise ‘Who is Aware’ and ‘What is Awareness’.