Your daily life is your moment to moment opportunity to realise what you are more deeply and utterly and watch the miracle of your belonging to that come all the way up to the surface. In this, your life gets reconfigured by the deeper You.
— B Prior

Three part online workshop
Sat 3, Sun 4 & Mon 5 February
8:30 pm NZDT

An invitation to deepen in open reflection with B, and with friends from around the world. 

The sessions will be held via 'Zoom' online video conferencing and are a unique and face to face opportunity to actively engage with B. Please note that spaces are limited. 

Below are the dates and New Zealand times:
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Saturday 3rd Feb 8:30pm

Sunday 4th Feb 8:30pm

Monday 5th Feb 8:30pm

Sessions are expected to run for around 1.5  hours and may extend beyond this timeframe.

Participants will also receive links to rewatch each session.

For any enquiries contact:

What is your self? Your self is you in forms of conditionality that you are holding together as if you are a someone. Small self we're talking about. What it really is, is an amazing and constant opportunity to be the cup that the Real You, The Self pours into, direct. Your heart will be all different, your mind will be all different, your life will be all different.

Your difficulty lies in the belief that the past can tell you who you are and the future is going to make you what you are. That is not the truth. It is all wonderful revelation, revealing You to you, with everyone you meet. You begin to know, taste and realise that you are already Love. This is your constant opportunity...