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  • Gråbrødretorv 14B, 2. sal
  • 1154 København K
  • Denmark

Love Knowing, Moving, Manifesting The Deep

Day Workshop 10:00  - 17:00  

A profound opportunity to enquire deep, to open as Awareness beyond the one you believe yourself to be. B's ever-present invitation to enter the essence of all things will ignite your heart and Being from the inside out!

During this day workshop you may touch upon all areas of Life - relationships, sexuality, work and creativity, parenting and children, all brought to an awakening heart of Conscious Awareness.

"When Awareness begins to truly awaken to itself then all forms resolve themselves in Awareness. All Awareness needs to do is open, respond and be true to the Light of Knowing.Awareness then uncontracts and allows the patterning on this level of conditioning to undo and re-form a new sense of self, a new sense of body, aligned with the awakening to the Light of what I Am." 

Saturday  23 June Time:  10:00 - 5:00pm
Local contact: Rodrigo: +45 42404464

Cost: 550 DKK at the door or Book Now below

Every meeting is unique and can be attended independently, yet it is powerful to attend all events as they become a continuous flow of ever-deeper personal/impersonal unraveling and revelation.