• St Werburghs Community Centre (map)
  • Horley Road St Werburghs Bristol BS2 9TJ

Living Your Being Into Form

Join B Prior in Bristol for a wonderful day of awakening discoveries!

B speaks about Awareness, Consciousness and profound Awakening whilst living in the world. He explores all areas of Life! Relationships, sexuality, work and creativity, children; all brought to an awakening heart of Conscious Awareness!  Participants are invited to bring questions of heart-felt concern and relevance in their Life.

 Your Destiny is to realise ‘Pure You’, purely aligned with what your heart is and even where your heart comes from. As Awareness moving in Pure Being new forms arise into existence whilst You are realising ever deeper into the Beyond.

Contact Lisa Matthews: lisa.matthews@realitypractice.net
Mobile: 0798 9718233