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Living Your Being Into Form
Empowering the Movement of Your Real Heart

On this Workshop B will introduce you to the movement and frequencies of part one of ‘The Form Reality Practice' and hold you deeply in your awakening discovery. You will explore the depth of who you ARE as Awareness-Being opening deeper levels of the body and innermost realms of Being to be married and integrated in your self, person and life as a living expression of awakening.  

In the movement of The Form, you begin to bring new levels of consciousness into your self-development.

You learn to:
• Utterly surrender at The Heart, knowing You ARE Eternal;
• Cease reading self-levels as information governing your life
• Reach deep inside into your unseen nature.

The Form shows you how to move in relationship with all form and with others in the direction of Oneness and real enlightened Presence. A totally new activation of realised Self! 

You will learn aspects of the Form & cosmoFORM and will be able to practice this alone or share with another.

Such an opportunity is given to each and every one of us on this planet!  What appears as disturbance is really an invitation to return power to our Heart, to re-make humanity from a deeper level of authentic, original innocence. In this we will not only know the power of Love, we will be the Essence from which that power flows.  We are re-designing, re-imagining what a human is. We are preparing for the One who is really here, re-forming our selves and humanity in the wonder and mystery of what we really are.

Participants are invited to bring questions of heart-felt concern and relevance in their Life.

All events will be in English with Greek translation.
Please note* Every event with B is unique and it is recommended to attend more or even all events as they become a continuous flow of ever-deeper personal/impersonal revelation. 

Contact: info@bernieprior.org