In the deepest place our intimacy is about the love of God, Truth or Source within each other and in all things. It is a place of universal alchemy - utterly sacred.

To engage this and only this depth within your relationship is to align your life with its highest purpose. Your union then becomes your pathway to Self-Realisation.

 Love Without Duality encompasses both the highest vision and possibility for man and woman on this earth and the everyday living of it.

A compilation of excerpts taken from talks and satsang with ‘B’ , the pieces spring from a profound and timeless transmission, conversation and enquiry into our original oneness nature and the profound meeting of mysteries that is ‘man and woman’.

A must read for anyone awakening

True union between man and woman is not for the faint hearted, nor is the knowing and living of eternal Love. It is for those rare ones who desire only their highest potential to realise God in their relatedness. For they know that the highest calling will strip them naked of all their beliefs of a separate sensed self and leave them standing together in the transparency of realised Being; open and vulnerable, living a life of fullness and meaning.