Minal is The Director of Education of The Form Reality Practice at the B Prior Foundation. B Prior (Originator of The Form) has bestowed the Guardianship and International Directorship for The Form to her to further expand the teaching of The Form globally, giving her an opportunity to continue to grow and evolve this work. 

Minal works closely with B and is a co-facilitator with him on the B Prior Foundation’s global Form retreats. She assists in the development of educational programmes at the B Prior Foundation and the Integrated College for Spiritual Human Evolution (I-SHE College). 

Her greatest inspiration has been to join B in his profound calling and vision to develop I-SHE College around the globe as the centre for The Form. Minal is deeply called to Purpose, Meaning and Truth with those who are also called in this life to sow what she is deeply belonging to – the fabric of a place made in the Light of Destiny, a place that can serve humanity, a place where people can come and trust that no matter what unfolds they can open up and be held, honoured and cared for in their transformation to discover their highest potential and enjoy a life filled with passion, fulfilment and increasing understanding of ‘What Is’.

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Minal began her search for Truth in her teens. At the age of 35, having everything she ever wanted, she suddenly awoke with a deep shock in the heart to the immediate knowing: “This is not it. There’s more to Life than this. This is not What I Am.” Over the next decade, Minal’s life as she knew it completely fell apart as Life kept calling her deeper and deeper beyond the familiar. She did not know it then, she was being prepared for more.

Minal’s professional background was 17 years in the global banking industry in London and Hong Kong, having held senior positions with companies such as JP Morgan Chase N.A. and Deutsche Bank AG. Upon leaving the corporate world in 2012, she met B, which precipitated in her opening to what she is at her core:

Suddenly my mind fell away, and I saw and knew with absolute clarity that we are all One, made of this One Light. I saw Life as the streaming of this Light and this Light comes from this vast and timeless Presence in which everything arises and returns. I realised this IS What I Am. IT is still piercing aspects of my humanness to reveal deeper and deeper understanding of what it means to move this knowledge across all dimensions of Life.

~ Minal

Minal currently lives in New Zealand, where the B Prior Foundation is based, and helps forward the work of The Form globally. She oversees the Form Teacher Programme that supports the Teachers of The Form internationally.

Minal runs her own discourses, group meetings, seminars and retreats and facilitates one-on-one transformations in private sessions. She recognises the gift of this life is to prepare the body and all its levels for the realising and embodiment of what we are beyond our egoic sense of self and that our real fulfillment is in never ceasing to enter the depth of what we are and bringing that into form. Her work translates her own stabilisation and integration of what she has opened to and into the facilitation of The Form as a manifest embodied movement practice that supports the awakening of all.

Minal has Masters’ Degrees in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford, England, Business Administration from The Wharton School, USA, and Counselling from Monash University, Australia.  

The Form connects us directly to the eternal infinite presence that is our source. We stop seeing our life as a ‘someone’ from a mental, emotional, psychological and physical perspective and everything within us aligns with our heart and our being to manifest what we are destined for here.

~ Minal