Destiny, Meaning & Evolution

Life is the music that supports the evolution of Consciousness and the Becoming of Love as one’s Real Nature and embodiment.
  • 40 full length satsangs in mp3 format
  • Delivered in one 960mb zip file
  • play on computer, smartphone etc

If you have ever had the feeling that there is more to your life than the ‘norms’ presented to you, you are right!

Your true purpose is to unveil higher reality as bright-full Awareness, for at the core of your consciousness is ‘the true power and the meaning’ that you truly are.

The things most people struggle with: MONEY, SEX, LOVE, TRUTH & DEATH, MAN & WOMAN can become the doors which you as Awareness, consciously pass through and bring ‘higher meaning’ to.

In this you evolve your consciousness and your forms, uniting the two halves of you: ‘Form and Formlessness’. You discover this is your true destiny, unveiling the Real You with no beginning and no end.