The Calling, Unfolding All That You Really Are

  • 29 full length satsangs in mp3 format
  • Delivered in one 735mb zip file
  • play on computer, smartphone etc

Join B and retreat participants for 10 Days of profound discovery and Immersion into the Deep amongst the beauty, wonder and mystery of this ancient island.

When you are unconditionally open, All of You unfolding, all through the body, from and all through the heart, whilst your self empties, you as ‘Awareness-Knowing’ fills your self anew, you are in alignment with Universal Law and are a movement of Power and Living Meaning. You are The Self!

Download the full set of recordings from this profound 10 day retreat of which B has said:

This time together has been so deeply valuable; to you, to I, and to humanity and the Universe.
— B Prior