"It's All About Man & Woman"
Pure Sexuality and Enlightened Awareness 

Weekend Retreat in Bristol – April 2016

8 profound sessions with B on man & woman, Deep Sexuality and Enlightened Partnership. Enjoy these transmissions of powerful deepening and integration of what Love is in union and communion forming New Life, moving as the Deep, realising Self.

  • 8 full length satsangs in mp3 format
  • Delivered in one 181mb zip file
  • play on computer, smartphone etc
Your growing ability to respond to your Heart is your growing ability to move in the Deep IN your body. Then you body will match your Being and your Being will move through your body. Right there is the total transformation of your sexuality, your embodiment; what you bring about into form and what you realise in your formless nature. You become the Sacred Marriage in your self. You also can know it with another and certainly can know it with humanity.