It's All About Man & Woman

  • 10 full length satsangs in mp3 format
  • Delivered in one 294mb zip file
  • play on computer, smartphone etc

Full recordings from the 'It's All About Man & Woman' Intensive in Bristol, Nov 2015.

Ten sessions of intense deepening and integration of what Love is in union and communion forming New Life, moving as the Deep, realizing Self.

When you are called to another in deeper intimacy it is not actually about something for yourself but about self-transformation by being called to union in Being.

Only a true union will fill your heart, fill your body and fill yourself with what Love really is, informing both you and this world of who You really are.

Partnerships called together for the love of Being flourish in their relationships on every level no matter what conditions they are called to meet bringing about self mastery and the ability to Realise Love and move as Love in an ever changing landscape of human potential in partnership.