Who am I? What am I? is the question of each breath. There is not single breath you can take that is not unveiling You. Enlighten your sense of self as to What You Are!
— B Prior

INDIA with B

 A powerful 14 day retreat journey of Deep Communion in two of India’s most sacred and magical locations, Tiruvannamalai and Rishikesh .

This precious time with B is a calling to flower in Greater Awareness and to endlessly bring this new opening into every area and movement of your life.

Over this time there will be scheduled satsangs and spontaneous activities together such as walks to the sacred mountain Arunachala and Ramana Maharshi's Ashram in Tiruvannamalai. and the holy river Ganges in Rishikesh. There will be shared meals and coffee outings, a beautiful opportunity to spend time with B in the satsang of Life.

The Form Reality Practice will be an essential part of this retreat.

1 March - 8 March

Retreat sessions start at 11 am Friday 1 Mar

Full Day Travel from Tiruvannamalai to Rishikesh 
8 March

We will provide the flight details for you to book,
so we travel together as a group.

8 March - 15 March

Retreat sessions in Rishikesh start in the morning on Saturday 9 Mar
The Retreat ends on Friday 15 Mar around 3 pm


The Afternoon Satsangs (4-6 pm) will be public. India residents and travellers are invited to join by donation at the door.

There will be three afternoon satsangs in Tiruvannamalai with B also in the days before the retreat 26 - 28 Feb and in Rishikesh in the days following the retreat. (approx 15 - 20 Mar) . Full details of this will be announced


The retreat starts in Tiruvannamalai for seven days. The sessions will be held at Ramana Towers Hotel. Accommodation is NOT included in the cost. We can book your accommodation at Ramana Towers or you may wish to stay in one of the many places nearby.

• All teaching sessions and time with B

• Walking and exploration excursions around Tiruvannamalai with B


• Accommodation
Please Note: At your request we can book a room for you at Ramana Towers, where satsang sessions will be held. See the section on Accommodation further down.

• Meals
Please Note: There are many good places to eat nearby and we will guide you in the right direction OR move as a group.

• Any Travel including flights, airport transfers or the flight from Tiruvannamalai to Rishikesh during the retreat.

Ramana Towers
All sessions will be held in an airconditioned Yoga Room at Ramana Towers.

Venue Address:
10/J/1, Chengam Road, 4th Street,
Tiruvannamalai, (+91) 04175 235550

Accommodation In Tiruvannamalai

In Tiruvannamalai we have not booked any accommodation for the group. If you would like to stay at Ramana Towers, where the retreat sessions will be held, we can easily book the rooms for you. Prices are reasonable for 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

Otherwise, if you would like to book your own accommodation, there are many hotels nearby that you may like to investigate. We recommend you stay close-by.

About Tiruvannamalai:
Tiruvannamalai is a sacred destination in southern India. Set below Mt Arunachala, the city is also well-know through Ramana Maharshi’s ashram. Tiru is one of South India's five  cities of Shiva, where He is worshipped in his fire incarnation as Arunachaleshwar.  Read more on lonely planet...

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In Rishikesh we will be for the 2nd 7 nights of the retreat. Accommodation in Rishikesh is fully booked for the entire group at Hotel Vedas Tapovan, Rishikesh.

• All teaching sessions with B

• Walking and exploration excursions around Rishikesh
with B

• Accommodation and breakfast in twin share/double rooms at Hotel Vedas Tapovan, Rishikesh (Friday 8 - Friday 15 March). We have booked the hotel for the group.


• Lunch and dinner daily in Rishikesh
Please Note: There are many good places to eat nearby and we will guide you in the right direction OR move as a group.

Accommodation in Rishikesh


Hotel Vedas Tapovan
Our venue for this retreat in Rishikesh will be Hotel Vedas Tapovan. Centrally located and surrounded by the hills this hotel is a perfect venue for our retreat.

Venue Address
Hotel Vedas Tapovan, Tapovan, Rishikesh

Vedas Tapovan will also be the venue for all satsang in their yoga room.

Weather in Rishikesh in March can be cool at night so bring some warm clothing and shoes

About Rishikesh:
The ancient beautiful city of Rishikesh lies beside the River Ganges in the Himalayan foothills of northern India. It is a vibrant and peaceful city and since ancient times famous as an abode for rishis and sages, a place of worship and meditation. This is one of India’s holiest cities and the only one where alcohol and meat are illegal and cows have the right of way on the streets.

Cost & Booking

Early Bird $2,195.00 NZD Until 31 December 2018

Full $2,495.00 NZD


For all enquiries please email Karen: karen@bernieprior.org 


How to get to Tiruvannamalai:
The closest airport to Tiruvannamalai is Chennai Airport. From Chennai the taxi ride is about 3 hours to Tiruvannamalai.

Travel from Tiruvannamalai to Rishikesh 8 March:
We will travel together as a group from Tiruvannamalai to Rishikesh. We will need to take a taxi in the morning from Tiru to Chennai and fly from Chennai to Dehra Dun and then travel via taxi to nearby Rishikesh.

We will provide details of the flight for you to book, so that we can travel together as a group. Please book this flight as soon as you book for the retreat. The taxi from Tiruvannamalai to Chennai takes approx 3 hours and will be prearranged by the retreat team.

For your Return Journey home, the closest major international airport to Rishikesh  is Dehra Dun.

Realising is all there is. Awakening is all there is.
Whether you know it or not, what you’re awakening to is what you actually are and it moves and it lives and it jumps from one cell to another. It’s impersonal, it’s a dance, it’s what you love.
— B Prior

Others' Experiences:

"I am blown away again and again by the depth of Love and its expression here. I experienced a profound shift in Awareness from identification with forms to the depths of Being."
Yvonne, Ireland

"When B speaks I am knowing all of what He is expressing as me. Great Love lights up the cells in me, opening me to my Heart’s deepest longing to know and embody All that I am."
Barbara, Scotland