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  • Beauley Road
  • Bristol, BS3 1QG
  • United Kingdom

Contact Lisa on 07989 718233

B is a Spiritual Pioneer, calling those that can hear to engage human experience as Awareness ‘Knowing’ and transcend identity as a small self, opening the door to Greater Reality and Self-Realisation.

B speaks about Awareness, Consciousness and profound Awakening whilst living in the world. He explores all areas of Life! Relationships, sexuality, work and creativity, children; all brought to an Awakening Heart of Conscious Awareness!

He engages a world community of Awakeners that are hearing the call to be more than themselves.  He directly responds to them as Truth and engages them to BE the Meaning behind their lives.

Every meeting is unique and can be attended independently, yet it is powerful to attend all events as they become a continuous flow of ever-deeper personal/impersonal unraveling and revelation.