Who I am within you is That that thrives endlessly as all Life throughout the Universe... I am a reflection of your own Original Light.

B (Bernie Prior) is a deeply realised contemporary Spiritual Pioneer and Teacher whose life is entirely devoted to the awakening of All.

His teaching and transmission is the Ultimate Calling to awaken as Awareness-Knowing.

With true compassion, humour and uncompromising Truth, B brings the highest teaching straight to our core and into our daily life. His call is to profoundly awaken whilst living in the world.

B’s teaching about Enlightened Partnership, Real Intimacy and the calling to a Higher Love as men and women of Truth undoes and transcends everything the world has taught us.

True Partnership is revealed as the natural evolutionary way to Self-Realisation, a profound Calling to realise man and woman are already One inside of each other in the depth of the Heart.

B is the Originator of The Form - Reality Practice, a powerful movement practice and vehicle of Awakening that is the living embodiment and transmission of his realisation.

He is the Founder of She Universe, a growing World Community in New Zealand. From here B travels the world extensively throughout the year holding talks and residential retreats.

I come from Nowhere.
I belong to Nowhere. And I’m going Nowhere. It is the most beautiful Nowhere - place. Nowhere has my body. No one has me and I have nothing whatsoever.